Among Us Trailer: Studio Reveals Plans for 2021 in New Trailer

The InnerSloth studio, the origin of Among Us, used the Summer Game Fest 2021 to announce the many content additions for 2021. The opportunity to discover that the developers have some nice surprises in store for us as the year progresses. It’s a pretty tight schedule awaiting Among Us players in the second half of 2021. In fact, not so long ago the studio delivered a fourth map that is already working on a whole series of The first novelty concerns the arrival of a brand new game mode called Hide and Seek, in which it will be much more difficult to distinguish the events, which can happen on the different cards. However, the field of vision of each player is reduced, which is supposed to do the many traitors on board. On the role side, two new roles are added to the traditional crewmates and impostors. If we don’t know the specifics of each individual at the moment, we already know that it is the sheriff and the scientist. Which is supposed to revive the interest and strategies within the parts, especially since the developers plan to increase the limit of players from 10 to 15. A whole host of cosmetics, colors, and graphic enhancements will also be made available over the next few months. And finally, last surprise, the developers are already working in the utmost secrecy on a fifth map, the full functionality of which is not yet dated, but the developers have promised to share more information with the players when they are ready to give more. From Jinxeb, writing from MP

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