Virtual Boy: It turns Nintendo’s famous headset into a true portable console

Hardware News Virtual Boy: It turns the famous Nintendo headset into a true portable console Posted on 06/10/2021 at 2:01 PM While we wisely wait for the new video games to greedily consume, some genuinely gifted enthusiasts get to work totally crazy projects. This now includes the Real Boy, which is nothing more than a portable and compact version … of Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. If the Virtual Boy means nothing to you, we can’t really blame you. Not only is this a console released in 1995, the project was so unsuccessful that production ceased a year after its release. So much so that its release in Europe has even been canceled: this is hands down the most cursed side of Nintendo, a company that, however, does not deserve to be successful in terms of success. Then it must be said that the shape of the machine was a little avant-garde for the time: It was a 3D headset with a large frame and a two-tone black and red screen. It can be thought of as one of the first virtual reality headsets to hit the market, but it certainly didn’t come at the right time. And Nintendo’s communication was far from perfect.


In short, a memorable flop, yes, but one that has somewhat strengthened its status as a cult object over the decades. This is a very rare console that continues to arouse curiosity, including that of Shank, a renowned hardware modder with fairy fingers: he has just unveiled his new creation called … Real Boy. It’s simple: the Virtual Boy turns into a real portable console. And for that, the man got his hands dirty: Note that this is not an emulator, but the original software of the animal, which is transported in a suitcase designed for the occasion. Shank therefore placed LEDs on the buttons of the basic controller, which he moved in this Real Boy in accordance with the Nintendo color code. New ports have also been added, including a USB-C charging port, a 3.5mm jack, an HDMI port, and so on. Finally, note that unlike the real Virtual Boy which had two screens for the 3D effect, this Real Boy only uses one. Hats off.

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By Max_Cagnard, journalist MPTwitter

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