Return: Why is the difficulty of the exclusive PS5 so shared?

Game News: Why Is The Difficulty Of The Exclusive PS5 So Shared? Posted on 05/04/2021 at 7:04 PM Returnal has just been released on PS5. The Sony machine, in need of some exclusivity, decided to take advantage of Returnal for their first new franchise for this platform, a very good game that garnered 16/20 in our columns and achieved quasi-unanimous approval among critics . However, the audience came across one element they may not have properly assessed: Returnal is a difficult game. Too much for some. Either way, it’s the game that separates the community at the start of the year. Let us then try to understand the reasons for the discord.

Like an indie perfume

Gamers who enjoy playing independent video games know that roguelite is a predominant genre that is largely rejected and particularly popular. More casual video game consumers ultimately have little or nothing to do with this particularly sophisticated genre. If Hades has had a public success that went beyond the confines of the niche in which he operates, it is rare for roguelite / roguelike to benefit from such exposure. Returnal is a third-person shooter that, according to the rules of the genre, has the peculiarity of involving the player in countless deaths. In contrast to games, which are classified as “difficult” and, despite repeated games on screens, have mechanisms that slow down the progress of the players, Roguelite resets them completely. Just understand that the slightest fatal mistake will take you back to the beginning of your journey, when you’ve just spent an hour reaching goals and traversing corridors that have survived the onslaught of monsters. The frustration was therefore great for the players who were more or less prepared for this type of experience. And for good reason, as we’ve stated at the moment, the AAAs are rare to get into this type of experience and the PS5 didn’t choose to bet on a game accessible to all because of its second exclusivity, on the contrary. After Demon’s Souls Remake, already known for not being a health trail, Returnal brings the point home and the two PS5 bans are difficult games that generally remain uncommon in the industry. So the surprise was all the greater. This is undoubtedly the first reason to be responsible for the general dissatisfaction of players. Where productions with a high media presence are more games that are accessible to the greatest number and whose accessibility can, however, be reduced by various degrees of difficulty, Returnal goes against the grain. By getting rid of any backup system, the player has to be very actively involved, which is certainly not to everyone’s taste. In spite of everything, the difficulty of a roguelite can always be mitigated, because if death is part of the gaming experience, the chances that it will get better thanks to its more accurate reading of the mechanics of the game, the greater the more the player dies the title than the items, that can be obtained to improve one’s skills. In addition, several approaches can be taken to this type of game, and a player who relies on constant aggressiveness may need to revise their gaming habits to play a little more cautiously, which in many cases greatly encourages progress. In summary, a difficult game requires a certain degree of adaptability, which can take a longer or shorter period of time depending on the profile. Profiles not all of which tend to aspire to a game with the sole aim of at least mastering it.

A clearly identified difficulty

The developers at Returnal make no secret of it, and a “warning board” introduces the game as soon as it starts: The game is difficult and was designed to be so. Unfortunately, the reality can be harsh as long as the information is not shared with certain consumers who are right to enjoy their PS5 with exclusive games. It is, therefore, again the endless debate about the difficulty that has re-emerged, lovers of tense experiences who oppose those who want a game that is more accessible. And to be honest, while some logically feel hurt or disappointed, the question that arises is whether a game that was purposely designed to abuse player skills should be changed. In any case, this is the question that has been asked in the corridors of Housemarque, the studio responsible for Returnal, which seems to be opting for a more flexible backup system than originally.

A difficult experience by nature

Because in fact, the roguelite generally does not save its progress in the middle of the game. In fact, it is this particular characteristic that defines the taste and creates the tension within the gaming experience that inevitably pays off once you manage to access the final balance. The return is a little more specific as each session takes quite a long time to complete. So sometimes it’s an hour or more that can be wiped out at the slightest mistake, or worse when life is calling you from your console. This imbalance between long gaming sessions and inability to save would almost force gamers not to turn off their console and dedicate it to returning it when they sometimes don’t have time to finish a full run at once. Bond to be safe. The introduction of a backup system could make the experience a lot easier. And there will no doubt be the grumbling of the hardcore gamers again, who may not see this facility concession well while the others, on the other hand, will be able to give Returnal another chance. We told you in an article we wrote some time ago: Difficulty is a very tricky slider to master. This is all the more true as the difficulty is perceived very differently depending on the player profile. When a game is difficult it is intentional in order to provide a rewarding experience for those who master it. A profound change in the essence of the game to make it more accessible could distort the original vision of the developers and the balance they wanted to infuse into their creation. It remains to be seen how Returnal will be modulated to please a maximum of players, even if it will be difficult to keep everyone happy. Sony is sending a strong message for the first two exclusive products. With Demon’s Souls Remake and Returnal, the “gamer” positioning of the PS5 is strongly confirmed. However, if you decide to go for this type of production (for now), it can be a big disappointment for consumers who are used to more accessible AAAs. Returnal’s difficulty is part of his point of view. The game was deliberately designed to be difficult and rewarding. Housermaruqe, however, appears to be paying attention to the complaints of a section of the public and could eventually modify, or at least make more accessible, his return, the difficulty of which has not ceased to be debated. By [87], Journalist MPTwitter

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