Nintendo and the Yakuza, an impossible story

News business Nintendo and the Yakuza, an impossible story Posted on 04/05/2021 at 19:51 We thought that the lawsuit between Epic and Apple would mainly involve the two companies, but the documents made available to the judiciary allow allow us to learn a lot about many things about games, publishers, and development studios. This time the focus is on Nintendo. It was Axios Gaming who discovered unusual information in one of the documents published on the American justice site. On page 19, a paragraph concerns the contracts that Nintendo offers its various partners. The latter obviously have a lot of clauses, but one of them caught the eye. Indeed, Nintendo is warning its Japanese-based partners in black and white that they cannot in any way be associated with “unsocial” groups or with Boryokudan, ie violent organized groups. In this regard, they cannot “give financial gain” to these groups, nor use “intimidation or violence in the course of transactions” or “disrupt the activities of Nintendo companies by fraud or violence”. Such provisions may make you smile, it seems obvious, but there are still thirty years Japan had to take action to fight them as their anchoring in society was strong. In 1992, Japan passed the Anti-Gang Law, which was enriched in 1993 to combat money laundering. They strictly regulate the activities of the clans and severely punish damage to civilians or their property. Since 2010, citizens no longer have the right to appeal to the yakuza under the threat of severe penalties. The yakuza are therefore still very active, although they are being watched very closely, especially by three large associations and very different activities at all levels of Japanese society. All these elements, to which we can add the strengthening of the anti-yakuza struggle with the Olympics in mind, make it possible to better understand the publisher’s approach and to make the clauses that Nintendo included in its contracts less folkloric.

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Via: IGN By MalloDelic, journalist MP

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