Call of Duty 2021: Already a release window for the “next-gen” episode!

Call of Duty 2021 Game News: Already One Release Window For The Next-Gen Episode! Posted on 05/05/2021 at 08:46 Today is the time for financial reports, and with the latter too, Activision has confirmed its non-surprise! A brand new Call of Duty will be released on our favorite consoles later this year. At the controls? Sledgehammer Games! It’s been a long time since we heard of Sledgehammer Games, despite a particularly well-organized schedule from Activision. Keep in mind that Sledgehammer Games, Treyarch, and Infinity Ward took turns developing their own episode in order for the US publisher to have a Call of Duty every year. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned for Sledgehammer Games, which simply haven’t released anything since Call of Duty: WWII, the 2017 episode. Good news ! Today, Sledgehammer Games is being reborn from its ashes and actually intends to return to the top of the stage again. Indeed, in its latest financial report, Activision confirmed the latest rumors: Sledgehammer Games will do well for the 2021 episode of Call of Duty. This episode will see the light of day next autumn and is specially developed for the next generation. We’re very excited to be releasing a premium Call of Duty this year. Development is led by Sledgehammer Games. The game looks great and is on track for fall release. It’s an experience for the next generation. It will feature stunning graphics in the game modes (campaign, multiplayer and co-op) designed to integrate and enhance the existing CoD ecosystem. We look forward to sharing more details with the community soon. Daniel Alegre, President of Activision Sorry, we don’t know anymore about this next episode, but if we are to believe the latest rumors, this brand new Call of Duty WWII Vanguard would be called and set in the 1950s. This story Activision announces that it will open a third studio in Toronto to bolster the development of this new opus. Today we are also excited to announce that we are expanding with a new team in Toronto, Canada to work with our teams in Foster City, CA and Melbourne, VIC! – Sledgehammer Games (@SHGames) May 4th, 2021 Today we are also excited to announce that we are expanding with a new team from Toronto, Canada to join our teams from Foster City, California and Melbourne to work together. VIC! You might also like: By JeromeJoffard, written by MPTwitter

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