Watch Dogs Legion: Control Your Enemy’s Mind with Mina Sidhu

Watch Dogs Legion Game News: Control Your Enemy’s Minds with Mina Sidhu Posted on 05/04/2021 at 08:35 AM Despite some delays, the new major update of Watch Dogs Legion was released this Tuesday 4th May as promised. 2021. In addition to some fixes, this new update features new cooperative missions as well as a brand new playable character that can control the spirits of his enemies. Make way for Mina Sidhu: the brand new playable heroine of the Watch Dogs Legion. The latter, which is now available to all Season Pass holders, is not like the others. She can get rid of her weapons and so be content with these telekinesis skills. Indeed, thanks to a device called OMNI Optik, Mina Sidhu can take control of the minds of these enemies. With this highly valued equipment, she can also destabilize nearby enemies, ideal for a distraction. Season Pass players can also take part in a brand new mission in the streets of London: Swipe Right. In this new solo mission, DedSec must put a spoke in the wheels of an Egyptian minister who is teaming up with an antique dealer. Of course, this brand new patch also adds new content to all players, starting with two. New playable agents (DJ and rescuers), three new co-op missions and five solo missions. But that’s not all ! Indeed, in Cooperative Mode, players can equip themselves with two new devices (Guardian Drone and Defense Drone), go to the hairdresser to discover new hairstyles, go to a clothing store to enjoy new outfits, or purchase additional capacity.

The list of new character skills

Pickpocket: Agents can make extra money after every pull. Second breath: Agents quickly regain life after every kill. Wanted: enemies of Albion or the Kelley clan attack them. Accumulator: Agents can loot and carry more ammunition. Ascader: Agents take less damage from falls and explosions and collisions with vehicles You may also like: By JeromeJoffard, writing from MPTwitter

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