The Biomutant trailer celebrates Star Wars Day in its own way

After many years of development and many uncertainties, Biomutant is ready for publication. It was supposed to get into the hands of the players on May 25th, unless a disaster occurred. In the meantime, the developers have designed and uploaded a brand new trailer. That this Biomutant trailer comes out this Tuesday May 4th is no coincidence, as Experiment 101 decided to celebrate Star Wars Day by sharing the Star Wars trailer for Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker with the Engine and the characters of the game is reinterpreted. That thing was pushed onto the title of this new trailer. It is indeed called May The Furth, a play on words between may the force (be with you), which means “may the force be with you”, May 4th, which indicates today’s date, and Fur, which is on his fur displays page in English. By MalloDelic, journalist MP

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