PS5: A patent that you can use to help other players

PS5 Hardware News: A Patent You Can Use To Help Other Gamers Posted on 05/04/2021 at 16:20 While Sony is sometimes resistant to some ideas that advance the world of video games – we are obviously referring to crossplay – The Japanese manufacturer is also regularly in the novelty by proposing new ideas aimed at improving the comfort of the players. Today, thanks to our colleagues at VGC, we learn that Sony has filed a new patent so that players like you and I can finally advise other users on PlayStation consoles, and PlayStation 5 in particular. According to this patent, this new idea would take on the concept of Uber, which means that everyone will have the opportunity to prove themselves as an expert in video game production to help other players in real time. How does it work? It’s very simple: for example, a player is tied to God of War. The latter, after trying everything to defeat a boss, can call an “expert” player in the “Help” section of his console or mobile application. The “experts” currently available (those who have already completed the game) then receive data on the session of the player facing a deadlock (quest, level, skills) and can then intervene via a chat system for advice granted. Unfortunately we do. I don’t know if this idea will allow the “expert” to take control of the stuck player’s controller, or whether or not it will be paid to become an “expert” (we don’t introduce ourselves) , but we learn that if a certain requirement is quite common, “Experts” will be able to pre-record a custom game sequence for publication in the Help section. The video is then classified based on the different feedback. For his part, the user can even activate a “spoiler” tag on request so as not to be informed about the sequences of the upcoming game by the “experts”. Implemented – takes place in the “Activities” section of PlayStation 5. “Experienced” players would then provide their help in this section, as the game developers at Demon’s Souls Remake and Sackboy: A Big Adventure have offered us. Note that a patent is just a deposit of an idea, which means that functionality could never see the light of day. You’ll also like: By JeromeJoffard, writing by MPTwitter

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