It lasts two – best games for March-April 2021

The opinion of
[87]Josef Fares can just rest and should therefore avoid ruin, because no, we are not bored in It Takes Two, on the contrary. Plus, it’s a game that’s worth more than the sum of its parts. Not only is this 12 hour, fully collaborative adventure brimming with a variety of great ideas, it’s also adorable, fun, and terribly refreshing. It Takes Two, which multiplies sequences at breakneck speed, shows an overflowing creativity and it is an infinite joy to discover the surprises the developers on every corner of the board have in store for us during an experience that will surprise you as much as they will surprise you Bring smile. We could only mention one camera, which is, on rare occasions, poorly placed and a more secluded challenge. The spirit of the game, on the contrary, is clearly not difficult, but it would be a shame to deal with these points facing a title that will bring a lot of sun to those who are going to play a bit gloomy during this period.

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