Fantasian – Best games for March-April 2021

Aubin_GregoireFantasian’s opinion is a fascinating project in several ways. For his final appearance, Hironobu Sakaguchi returns to his first love and offers his fans his vision of an old-fashioned final fantasy. Nostalgic, classic, but not without clever ideas. This first part is about a warm and soothing plaid for lovers of the Square saga and its PS One episodes. Its solid game systems serve a gripping story that uses a unique and original universe. The dioramas give Fantasian a strong identity, despite the sometimes obvious limitations in using the photogrammetric technique. If the second part, planned for this year, is at least equal to the first, this formal tribute will have nothing to envy to its famous predecessors. As it stands, Fantasian is an excellent J-RPG that we can’t recommend enough if you’re nostalgic for the old episodes of Final Fantasy.

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