Destiny 2, Symbiote Season Pass: How It Works, Free Or Premium Version … Our Guide

News Tip Destiny 2, Season of the Symbiote Pass: How It Works, Free or Premium Version … Our Guide Posted on 05/05/2021 at 00:57 The season of the Symbiote starts on May 11th and runs until May 24th August and As always, Bungie is offering an updated Season Pass. The Vex threaten humanity again, get ready to unravel its secrets … discover our guide! Bungie starts the Symbiote season (from May 11th) in Destiny 2, which is available for Seasonal Pass holders as well as individually (for 10 €). As usual, you will have various activities that are available to all players, including free-to-play players and others that require season or expansions to be purchased. Find out what’s free and what’s paid for in Season of the Symbiote.

What’s free

The introductory mission “Armor Synthesis”: Live the beginning of the story of the season “The Endless Night”. The epilogue: Live with the other guardians the end of the Vex presence in the city (August 10th) The new CIMU room: Larger, there are additional activities to face the Vex armor synthesis: Customize your guardian thanks to the Synthesis on. Glass Vault Raid: One of the legendary raids from Destiny 1 returns in a revamped experience. Anticipated raid experience with exclusive challenges. 100 free Battle Pass levels: seasonal ornaments, new armor, material packs, emotes and more must be unlocked. But the rewards are rarer and do not fall on all levels. The seasonal artifact: 13 levels to unlock exclusive mods and more thanks to the experience we gained through the activities. PvP Activities: The iron banner of the season kicks off on May 18 with new armor, weapons, passers-by and cosmetic items that can be unlocked for contracts. Judgment of Osiris May 14th Solstice of Heroes: Honoring Your Past Glories and Fallen Guardians (July 6th)

What the Beyond the Light expansion requires, but not the pass

New Static Aspect Quests: Unlock more stasis powers for your class.

What the Symbiote Season Pass requires

Weekly “Erase” Missions: Each week you can uncover the secrets of the Vex with a new quest. Also access the maximum difficulty level of these quests. The Overload Activity: A new matchmaking activity for 6 players, first in Europe, then on the Moon (May 18th) and the Tangled Coast (May 25th). New ornaments, weapons, armor, exotic … New Triumphs and Seals: Stand out from other Guardians and complete seasonal challenges. 100 Battle Pass Premium Tiers: Ornaments, Materials, Special Engrams, Emotes, and More Dice to Personalize Your Guardian. Note that there are rewards at every level and 100,000 XP is still required for each one.

The Symbiote seasonal calendar

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