Our selection of Nintendo Switch games under € 30!

Good Deal News Our selection of Nintendo Switch games for less than € 30! Posted on 03/05/2021 at 4:11 PM Is it possible to play on my Nintendo console at a lower cost? Yes ! Here is our pick of the best Nintendo Switch titles under $ 30 that you can play and discover without breaking the bank. We all know the great hits of the Nintendo console! However, these masterpieces are available at very high prices. For certain games like Zelda Breath of the Wild you have to pay between 45 € and even 55 €! A real sum that prevents more humble gamers from taking full advantage of the Nintendo game library. Others don’t necessarily want to pay a high price! Lots of indie nuggets and other AA or even AAA games are available for less than € 30! Without being on the level of Nintendo exclusives, these games are characterized by innovative concepts and fascinating universes. Without having the aura of the Japanese company’s powerful licenses, they are still a breath of fresh air for the fans.

Our selection of the best games under € 30

Hades Limited Edition

Hades is a villainous all beat’em developed by Supergiant Games, the studio behind Bastion and Transistor. The game is a combination of all the innovations of the old Supergiant Games games. Buy Hades Limited Edition for € 29.99 instead of € 39.99. Aubin_Gregoires opinion Note: 18/20 After experimenting with different genres, Supergiant Games is delivering its best here. Hades is beautiful to die for, pleasant to hold, and terribly addicting. He only sins by his structure, which is identical to each run, which may displease some. In return, it offers a gripping story carried by a more charismatic Greek pantheon than ever before and a perfectly composed narrative. With solid game systems, Hades will always reveal more when you think you’re done with him. Whether you’re a good customer of the studio or the rogue-lite genre, don’t hesitate a second because the latest Supergiant is without a doubt a must-have of the fall. Read the full review from Hades

Oddworld New and Tasty Edition Standard

Oddworld: New and delicious! is a revised version of Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey that was released on the first PlayStation. In this work we play Abe, who has to save his skin in a universe full of diabolical dangers, where everyone tries to devour him alive. In this endless escape, the use of forces to save his race is welcome. Buy Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty Nintendo Switch for € 27.90 instead of € 29.99 ‘Yummy! in 2014 or 2015 know that there is no need to go to the cash register again. The remake by Oddworld Inhabitants is similar in every way to the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. We therefore find the same characteristics as well as the same defects. However, if you discover the license today, we highly recommend this version as the title gains flexibility thanks to the extra size, the nomadic side of the console that perfectly fits the spirit of Die & Retry the title. Read our full review

Hollow knight

Hollow Knight is an adventure and exploration game that plunges you into a vast ruined kingdom. Explore dark caves, face terrible creatures and befriend strange insects in this determined 2D game. Make your own path and explore this kingdom populated by heroes and insects. Buy Hollow Knight for € 27.99 pinnacle of the genre. It takes focus, discipline, and rigor, and easily keeps you for a good thirty hours in a world populated by insects as rich as they are fascinating. Your moments of hiking in its visually enchanting setting will only highlight the ingenious level design. If you liked Ori and the Blind Forest but regret its easy fights, give it a try without hesitation. Read our full review

Rayman Legends Definitive Edition

Rayman Legends, a platform game from the famous French series, allows the player to search for Ptizêtre in different environments. We find the famous Rayman, but also other playable characters to unlock as well as a three-player mode. It is also possible to interact with the decor. Rayman Legends Definitive Edition for € 24.99 The opinion of the reviewer Note: 18/20 Rayman Legends is the worthy successor to Origins. More beautiful, richer, it makes perfect use of the Switch’s touchscreen. An unforgettable experience to live alone or with others. Unless you are completely resistant to the Rayman universe, you can buy this video game masterpiece with your eyes closed. Read our full review

The black one

LA Noire is an action-adventure game for Nintendo Switch. The game puts you in the shoes of a detective in Los Angeles in the late 1940s in a post-war context where corruption and drugs mingle. Combining action, research and complex storytelling, the game presents a series of murders that need to be solved. Buy LA Noire for € 29.90. Noire is a high quality adventure game that is written and narrated with skill and efficiency. While playing, the user cannot help but draw a lot of parallels with the best black films and appreciate the changes in the rhythm and especially the respect for a maximum of subjects and conventions that make up the fame of this current. With excellent gameplay ideas not found in any game of this type on consoles, LA Noire manages to bring fans of adventure games and GTA-like games together without difficulty. If certain technical details can be shocking, if the action phases are sometimes overlooked, we are forced to consider this title as the reference of the genre, if only for the care that is given to the various personalities. Read our full review


Minecraft is a so-called “sandbox game” on the PC, with which the user can shape the universe around him within the limits of his imagination. The current beta version brings the player into a randomly and dynamically generated world in which he must survive by exploiting the surrounding resources. Buy Minecraft for € 29.95

Brain training program

Dr. Kawashima is back after his titles were released for Nintendo DS. The Brain Doctor returns to Switch in a playable multiplayer title. The game also offers the opportunity to determine the age of your brain using various mini-games. Buy Dr. Kawashima’s brain training program for € 29.99. Anagund’s review note: 13/20 Dr. Kawashima’s brain-training program for Nintendo Switch features memory and reflection tests, as well as mini-games that can be distracting when you rest or have a few minutes to kill. It’s more fun than scientifically effective, and it gets the job done for dozens of challenges, even if some features make gadgets like a very light versus and detecting hands in certain exercises via the infrared camera. Note, however, that touching numbers and letters is far from optimal, which is frustrating for a good number of tests. Read our full review. Also read: By jameson30, journalist MP

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