LoL: the French KCorp European champion with a record audience on Twitch

News LoL event: The French KCorp European champion with a record audience on Twitch Published on May 3rd, 2021 at 10:34 a.m. A few weeks ago, the Karmine Corp, founded by Kameto and Prime, won the championship of the France League of Legend for the first time. This opened the way for the team to the European Cup, which took place this weekend. Suffice it to say that Karmine Corp hit hard, very hard, as they won the European Masters last night, which is the second continental division, with a 3-1 win against BT Excel. KCorp had knocked out their opponents in the group stage but the final was much more tense to the delight of the crowd. After dropping the first round and fighting the second, the team was able to dominate their topic to eventually win. A resounding achievement for the team that attracted a large audience thanks to the popularity of its creators and players, as this final was an opportunity to break the record for the eSports event. The most visited in France up to then. An average of 250,000 people watched the event with a maximum of more than 300,000 spectators in the final. The KCrop, who has won all the competitions he has now participated in, is expected by the other teams at the turn and strives to achieve the highest level. A challenge that Kameto, Prime, Saken, Cinkrof, Adam, xMatty, Targamas and the other members of the structure want to face. By MalloDelic, journalist MP

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