Genshin Impact, our guide to the event “Initiation to the Energy Amplifier” (free character to win)

News tip Genshin Impact, our guide to the event “Initiation to the Energy Amplifier” (free character to be won) Posted on April 29th, 2021 at 3:15 pm, updated on May 3rd, 2021 at 6:51 pm on April 30th new event, which will be the first of version 1.5 of Genshin Impact, will hit the servers. Let’s see what it’s made of. This limited event will arrive on April 30th at 10:00 AM and end on May 17th. The store closes a week later, on May 24th. It requires at least adventure level 20 and offers the usual rewards, namely Primo Gems, Crown of Wisdom, Moras, Hero Lessons, etc., as well as a small reward that is also very interesting: Diona! Updated by Tridash on May 3, 2021 at 6:50:21 PM Updated with part 2 of the event

What does the event consist of?

It consists of completing challenges in research locations, dungeons, and warped reality to get the “Broken Fruits” event currency. We strongly recommend completing all research sites first before attacking them. Dungeons to unlock a maximum of fragments will improve your skills in them.

Research locations

Act 1

Research location: Deauclaire

Deep valley

Before starting the fight, teleport to the Memory Valley dungeon and look down. You will then see a mutation stone on a structure. Destroy it, then take care of the enemies to be able to open the fragment.

At the foot of the cliff

This time the mutation stone is right next to the shard. You must therefore approach the enemies and destroy them quickly in order to be able to calm them down.


There will not be one but three mutation stones that must be destroyed. These are located in the 3 huts near the fragment.

Research site: Guyun Stone Forest

Lost in the middle of the water

The mutation stone is right next to the fragment. Try to use an ultimate ability that can slow / stop enemies while you break them.

Near the abandoned ship

If you climb the rocks, you will see the mutation stone in an abandoned boat. Destroy it before dealing with the enemies below.

Near the tower

You have to destroy two mutation stones: the first is on the beach, the second is under the stairs that lead to a small house.

Search site: Lingju Pass

On the terrace

The Mutation Stone is on the left side of the Ruin Guardian. Destroy it to complete this research.

The elements meet

The mutation stone is located near the side barrels. Shoot the explosives with an arrow to get rid of it instantly.

In the ruins

You have to destroy the 2 mutation stones to overcome the event. One is in front of the enemies while the other is right behind the small staircase. When all research is done, go to the Elementosaur Hideout to unlock access to the twisted reality.

Act 2

Research site: Cuijue slope

Small passage

The mutation stone is right next to the fragment. Quickly destroy it by jumping off the cliff to land on it with a diving attack and then dealing with the enemies.


If possible, you must go discreetly into the little hut to break the mutation stone there.

On a slope

Here you need to find 3 mutation stones. The first is in the south (we recommend you come from the south to be discreet). The second is in the largest of the huts, while the third is on top of one of the watchtowers.

Research location: Dadaupa Valley

Attack tower

The fragment is a little below and the mutation stone is on the watchtower.

Scattered huts

The mutation stone is in the larger hut.

Main entrance

The 2 mutation stones are in the hut and under the stairs.

Research location: Nantianmen

Near the fence

The mutation stone is in the enclosure.

Lost in the thicket

Go up the stairs and destroy the mutation stone in the hut.

Follow the path

There are two mutation stones here, one in the hut and the other under the stairs.

Act 3

Get …

Distorted reality

You can earn points by completing the Twisting Reality challenges. You just have to pass the dungeons of the event to unlock this mode. Similar to the Hypostasis event proposed a few months ago, you can choose the difficulty level, but also modifiers that make your opponent / team weaker to increase the number of points gained.

Realm of deception

Do you hate geosaurs like everyone else? Too bad because you have to face 6. We strongly recommend that you have a character who can set shields and check the following boxes:

Realm of Furious Thunder

This one is even more difficult than the previous one. The big difficulty will be staying in the circle that will protect you from the thunder, especially at the end where you will have to deal with 2 Fatui skirmishers who will shoot you from a distance … we therefore strongly recommend that you Using characters that can remotely injure this, but only through their ultimate ability and also through shields. Use your food to get buffs, it matters! Here is the setup we got 5000 points with:

The energy booster

The energy amplifier is a device that activates the fruit fragments of the energy lines. Placing them in this device will give your characters bonuses that are only active in the dungeons of the event.


Among the rewards, you can collect Diona, a 4-star figure who turns out to be a great support for the Abyss. Of course we will tell you more about this event as soon as it becomes available, i.e. in a little less than 24 hours! About Genshin Impact

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