The best Nintendo Switch controllers you can buy

We have tested and selected the best Nintendo Switch compatible controllers for you to replace your Joy-Con, enjoy the console’s TV and table mode, or invite additional players, whether you want to play Zelda, Mario, Animal Crossing, etc.

Editor’s Choice: 8bitDo SN30 Pro +

The SN30 Pro + is a neo-retro look halfway between the Super Nintendo and the first PlayStation, but it also offers all the functions of a modern controller. He plays the card of nostalgia as well as that of technology. This 8-bit Do model is compatible with many platforms, including Windows PCs, Macs, Android smartphones and tablets. It’s an excellent controller on the switch and has all the functions that the platform offers: vibrations, gyroscope, directional cross and analog sticks, triggers and with the edge buttons, the controller even offers a replaceable battery with over 15 hours of autonomy, even with games in which all functions are actively used. The switch has a USB-C port and a very complete utility that is free to download on Mac and PC, you can customize the action of each button, the curve of the triggers, or the dead zone analog sticks. A real success and certainly the best model in the 8bitDo range. Read the full review of the SN30 Pro + controller from 8bitDoThe PlusesAll the Features of the Nintendo SwitchCompatible with Many PlatformsThe MinusesA small big one for younger kidsThe included cable is too much Buy the SN30 Pro Controller for € 43.48 from Amazon

The must: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo has been a manufacturer of controllers for decades with increasing quality of workmanship and handling. The Switch Pro Controller is of course an excellent choice for your Nintendo Switch console. Either way, it has all the features to play all the games on the platform, including two vibration motors, a gyroscope for aiming, two asymmetrically positioned analog sticks, a directional cross and eight action buttons. Obviously, all of these functions are designed and positioned to offer a high level of ergonomics, which makes the controller an example of comfort. In terms of autonomy, the Switch Pro Controller breaks records with more than 30 hours of playtime on a single charge and around 4 hours of connection for a full charge. We also appreciate the ability to use the controller on a variety of platforms in addition to the Nintendo Switch, including Windows PCs such as Mac OS, both wireless and wired. The USB-to-USB-C cable is also included. The Switch Pro Controller is therefore a safe choice for Nintendo’s hybrid console, which can be used in tabletop mode just like the Nintendo Switch connected to the TV. Read the full review of the Nintendo Switch Pro ControllerPlusNintendo quality for everyone A very comfortable controller for long sessions ConsA large modelNo sound management via the controllerBuy the Switch Pro Controller for € 59.95 on Amazon

The kings of versatility: Nintendo Joy-Con

Whether you’re looking to replace the originals, change the colors of your console, or add additional players, Nintendo’s Joy-Con is obviously a way to enjoy your Switch. They can be used directly on the console that they click into place. They can also be mounted separately on a bracket to form an external controller, or attached to their wrist strap to create two mini-controllers, adding two players in tabletop or TV mode. Quite simply, this is the most versatile solution for the Nintendo Switch. Due to their reduced size, the Joy-Con are obviously better suited for small hands and therefore also for children, who will find 4 action buttons, an analog stick and two edge buttons on each side than the Joy-Con horizontally or vertically. Whether around the console or assembled into a single controller, these two small controllers will also delight adults with the quality of their ergonomics and the many functions they offer. Because let’s not forget that it is actually the Joy-Con that is the real origin of the concept of the console, which makes it possible to be a nomadic machine and a living room at the same time. Read Nintendo’s Full Test of Joy-Con Versatility at Its Peak Full of Features in a Very Small Size ConsIt is Small Enough for Adults Beware of the Fragility of the Sticks Buy the pair of Joy-Con for € 69.99 on Amazon

The alternative to the left Joy-Con: the Hori D-Pad Controller

The D-Pad controller is Hori’s alternative, regardless of whether you want to replace your left Joy-Con that flutters, or whether you want to use a real cross-directional intersection. A super adorable look, whether in the Mario or Zelda version, a format that is identical to the Joy-Con, so the handle is excellent. Our only regret is the lack of an internal battery and vibrations that really prevent this little controller from being used independently and therefore to offer as many services as the original model. Besides, everything is fine. Read the full review of the Hori D-Pad. The plus. Sufficient build quality for the Nintendo model. A real directional cross. The minuses. Necessarily attached to the console. Lack of vibration and gyroscope. Buy the D-Pad Controller for € 25.99 on Amazon

The ultimate weapon from the past: Wired Hori Battle Pad

Smash Bros and other action players, here is the return of the fabulous GameCube pad, now compatible with Nintendo Switch and Windows PCs. What do you find the sensations of the time for ergonomics that, according to general opinion, remain inimitable and unmatched for fighting games with Nintendo sauce. This Hori controller also benefits from several official licenses for displaying different colors: Zelda, Mario, Luigi, Smash Bros of course, but also Pokémon. A great way to combine nostalgia with in-game performance. Read the full review of Hori’s Wired Battle Pad. The Nintendo GameCube feels perfectly reproduced. Many distinctive colors and models. The negatives. We’re caught by a thread. It lacks vibrations and a gyroscope for more versatility Wired Battle Pad for € 25.09 on Amazon

The GameCube in the wireless version: Hori Battle Pad Wireless =

We dreamed about it, Hori did it. Here is the GameCube controller for switch and Windows PC in Bluetooth version for maximum comfort on the back of the sofa. If the ergonomics remain identical to the wired model and therefore come very close to the original, Hori has also added a little touch with faster triggers, drier contact, but also a turbo mode that can be assigned to each button. Thanks to the battery contained in the controller, it is enough to shine in combat for more than 15 hours. The advantages Ultra-fast shutter release A range of 10 meters and 15 hours of battery life Disadvantages There are no vibrations and a gyroscope for more versatility Buy the Hori Wireless Battle Pad for € 49.99 on Amazon

The ultimate travel model: SN30 Pro

This SN30 is more compact than the “+” version and offers no advantages. With its handle close to the Super Nintendo controller, but with a thicker shell, the 8-BitDo controller offers a wide range of functions between gyroscope and vibrations that can be found on switches, Windows PCs or Macs, Android smartphones and – Tablets can be used. Most importantly, this SN30 Pro doesn’t ignore any button by offering 2 analog sticks, a directional pad, 4 action buttons, 2 slice buttons and two triggers. Everything you need to play Nintendo’s entire hybrid console catalog. Read the full review of the SN30 Pro from 8bitDo The Pluses. All the features that accompany the Nintendo SwitchCompatible with many platforms. The minus points The handling Buy the 8bitDo SN30 Pro for 38.99 € Amazon

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