The 10 funniest weapons in FPS

Game News Top 10 Funniest Weapons in FPS Posted on 05/02/2021 at 10:55 AM updated on 05/02/2021 at 10:54 AM How do you like meat? Rare meat? Well cooked? In more than 45 years of first-person games, development studios have regularly thought about creating ever more amazing arsenals. Because of their originality or their funny effects, some weapons have left us with lasting memories. It is therefore normal to pay tribute to them through this article that is practically the fun of death.

The pain reliever

Although the Aliens-versus-Predator harpoon weapon designed by Rebellion had brought good destructive sensations to players as early as 1999, it was ultimately Painkiller’s deployment thrower that the story wanted to keep. The stack launcher can nail opponents to walls thanks to the software’s physics engine and is also equipped with a grenade launcher as a secondary fire. It is thus possible to drop this explosive projectile and then impal it with a stake, which turns the weapon into a real rocket launcher. Rarely or fried, it is up to the player to decide how to cook his enemies.

The voodoo doll (blood)

We could have told you about the Terrance and Philippe dolls from the South Park game that explode in a noxious cloud of gas, but we’re targeting a different type of puppet than Blood’s. The principle is simple: with a voodoo doll, you have to target your opponents to cause damage. If the opponent is not in the target reticle, but clicks the player, he puts the needle in his hand and takes away some life points. Blood was recently remastered by the wizards of Nightdive, a studio that specializes in dusting off licenses of yesteryear, and is available on Steam. If you are drawn to the destruction of hooded sectarians and martial monsters, you know what to do.

The Shrinker (Duke Nukem 3D)

Duke Nukem 3D was the delight of FPS fans in the 1990s. He’s openly sarcastic and has a varied arsenal for kicking the buttocks of evil alien kidnappers of women. There was one weapon in particular that marked the ghosts: the shrinker. When the user pulls the trigger, it sends a discharge that shrinks the enemy when they receive the projectile. Once the enemy is the size of a rat, they’re ready to welcome Duke’s sole as much as they should. Only a bloody manure will remember that an alien is now in pieces. It is worth noting that the hero can downsize by shooting in a mirror. You will also like:

The crossbow with living ammunition (Oddworld: Stranger’s Fury)

Although it can indicate a third person view, the events of the stranger’s anger are experienced in the first person. Because only in the eyes of the main character does the player have access to the crossbow, an essential weapon for progression. Oddworld obliges, it’s not classic ammunition that has to be loaded, but living beings! These have special skills that correspond to different play patterns. Do you want to make your opponents vomit? Send them a polecat under the snout. Would you like your opponents to nibble? Why not throw the insatiable fuzzles at her? These multi-effect live ammunition can be bought in stores or simply hunted in the wild. You will also like:

The gravity gun (half-life 2)

It is impossible to discuss the funniest guns in FPS history without bringing up the case of the famous Gravity Gun of Half-Life 2. Valve trusted the reliability of its physics engine and delivered a tool so eye-catching that its principle would be incorporated into many games a few years later. The gravity cannon has the ability to get floating objects to better send them to the top of the creatures chasing the levels. The explosive barrels and other circular blades that litter the ground therefore turn into deadly thrown weapons. The gravity cannon is useful during phases of action and also essential during exploration sequences in order to move the few heavy objects that obstruct the passage. Two in one, Black Mesa quality. You will also like:

The BFG (Doom, Quake)

BFG’s plasma balls are so big that they need two franchise companies, namely Doom and Quake, to show the extent of their accomplishment. Indeed, the “Big Fucking Gun” is a destructive weapon that we find in id Software’s two franchises. Regardless of whether it wants to beam enemies or be charged before firing a projectile, it has properties that make it an object of choice against the most imposing bosses or when the terrible animals are too many. A rather classic weapon, but one that is devilishly fun. This is great for destroying hordes of hell. You will also like:

Mutant Milk (Team Fortress 2)

If some of you are still wondering whether to pour milk on your cereal or put your Kellogg’s in milk, the developers at Team Fortress 2 have made a decision: the milk is poured on an enemy, causing a mutant bread to devour their head! Funny weapon, this is this brew the scout can equip. In order not to spoil the strangeness of the matter, several parts can be glued onto the face of the same victim. You’re wondering what bread the developers at Valve eat for breakfast … You might also like:

The Brain Hole (Turok 2)

Those who rely solely on Turok’s jacket tend to believe that the Indian only kills dinosaurs with a bow and knife. In reality, the hero has quite a number of weapons, each of which is more destructive than the other. Particularly sadistically, the Cerebral Bore sends a probe that, like a song by Patrick Sébastien, invites itself into the head of an unfortunate victim. As soon as she is warm near her frontal lobe, she crushes the entire contents of her brain and empties them in a high-pitched metallic hustle and bustle. The gray matter turns blood red when it hits the ground and the probe explodes. A beautiful show that only fans of Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil will appreciate.

Nuclear weapon (turok)

Long before Fallout 3 and its Flat Man, another high-profile first-person game came up, arming yourself with a nuclear weapon to wipe out any signs of life on the screen. This is the first Turok: Dinosaur Hunter published by Acclaim and developed by Iguana. The fusion cannon actually shoots a rather reddish ball that, thanks to nuclear fusion, sweeps everything in its path after a few seconds. Easy. Basic You will also like:

The federal grenade (Halo)

Sometimes the simpler weapons are the best. Take the Alliance grenade from Halo: Combat Evolved, for example. It is a simple pomegranate that throws itself far away, except that this one has the peculiarity of being able to hold onto anything that is organic. An enemy who receives the glowing projectile only has a few seconds to survive before the explosion kills them. It gets fun when they get stuck on their feet and send opponents into the sky. Better if the player manages to hit a Grognard, they panic and run towards their brothers in arms, which leads to a chain reaction that is the most fun. After all, halos grenades, bundled or not, can blow warthogs into the air. A fashion emerged from this process: the famous Warthog Jump. You will also like:

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