PS5: Is Sony Really Afraid of New Licenses?

PS5 Game News: Is Sony Really Afraid of New Licenses? Posted on 05/02/2021 at 09:50 AM For the past few days, the news from Sony has been busy. In particular, an article by Jason Schreier highlights the company’s obsession with Triple-A. A secret that has suddenly become more tangible now that we know Days Gone 2 will likely never see the light of day. Other information has since fallen. So can we explain the fear of new licenses at Sony? The video game world holds its breath with every new investigation by journalist Jason Schreier. Even more so if the investigation concerns one of the main players in the industry. This time it was Sony’s turn. The article provides information on Days Gone 2, an alleged sequel to the open world survival horror presented by Bend Studios and released in 2019. According to Schreier’s information, the PlayStation team couldn’t convince Opus of a second’s interest in the same year. “Gambling was not seen as a viable option,” explains the journalist. Since the news, players have expressed dissatisfaction with a petition on the website that collected nearly 90,000 signatures in about 20 days.

Money is important

Days Gone – which is preparing to be released on PC on May 18th – is not a commercial failure. Although no sales figures have been released to date, the title was a hit in Japan and topped UK sales in the three weeks following its release. In his work, Schreier claims that the survival horror has paid off. But is it enough for Sony? At Gamekult, independent journalist Oscar Lemaire notes that profitability is not necessarily synonymous with commercial success and that, on the contrary, a small deficit of a million cannot shake such an imposing company (where a game takes several years to make and a huge one Amount of money, editor’s note) You need to make the right decisions. No error of judgment is allowed in defining the projects a studio will occupy for possibly half a decade – Oscar Lemaire in Gamekult Even’s columns Jeff Ross, director of Days Gone, who returned to Jason Schreier in a lengthy YouTube interview , agrees. According to him, at a time when development costs can reach $ 4 million to $ 5 million, the return on investment is less and less certain. It would be normal, therefore, for Sony to exercise such caution, especially with a license like Days Gone, whose first work after seven years of pregnancy received a 71 for Metacritic – a heavily watched indicator. Days Gone – The functions of the PC version

Willingness to take risks

The importance of triple-aces like Uncharted, The Last of Us, and Horizon to the strategy and business success of Sony’s video game arm (which achieved a record-breaking 2020-2021 fiscal year) has shaped the way the company runs its boat. And that’s another piece of Jason Schreier’s paper, by the way. The journalist traces the career of the Visuals Arts Service Group, a team that has been widely drawn in to reinforce internal productions and that has encountered the caution and even indifference of Japanese society. Initially, the team wanted to do a remake of The Last of Us for the PS5 in the hope of being recognized as a stand-alone studio. Instead, the squad supported Naughty Dog in a multiplayer game and a new Uncharted. According to Schreier, Sony never really realized the existence of the Visuals Arts Service Group, let alone the resources or support to be successful. In the same newspaper, David Lang, founder of the Iron Galaxy studio, who worked with PlayStation, sheds light on the subject: The people who fund (the development of video games, editor’s note) are often cautious about the risks, and if so, handle them Choosing between a team that has already proven itself and a team that is trying for the first time, I can understand why some people prefer the first option – David Lang, Founder of Iran Galaxy Studios (Bloomberg) From l. to d. : The Last of Us, Naughty Dog, Uncharted 2 This is another criticism to be leveled against Sony: The way the Japanese company, accused of Americanization in recent years, has its main studios (Naughty Dog , Insomniac, Guerilla) supports and prefers games) to the detriment of other “more original” teams, less in line with the editorial line of PlayStation. The lack of resources invested in marketing Dreams, the exclusive Media Molecule video game maker for PS4, supports this view. Just like the dismantling of Japan Studios at the origin of Knack or Everybody’s Golf, which signed the departure of certain key members.

Bet on others

Projects that have done the PlayStation catalog well, even if the Japanese team has had problems for years. Today it’s external studios like Arkane (Deathloop), Heart Machine (Solar Ash) and Sloclap (SIFU), whose next titles are exclusive to PS4 and PS5 consoles. And the news even seems to have some outsourcing of first-party games, like partnering with Firewalk Studios to create a multi-player triple-A, the agreement signed with the new team at Jade Raymond, and the release of Returnal just for PS5 show an approach confirmed by the words of Hiroki Totoki, CFO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, who recently announced a budget increase to improve the company’s catalog. “We plan to continue investing in partnerships with outside studios in addition to aggressively investing in our in-house studios,” he explains. At least it will be necessary to realize the vision of Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment. The PS5 will be more exclusive than other PlayStation machines. By Indee, journalist MP

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