Resident Evil Village: release date, gameplay, Lady Dimitrescu … We take stock

Resident Evil Village game news: release date, gameplay, Lady Dimitrescu … We take stock Published on 05/01/2021 at 6:00 p.m. In a little less than a week, the Resident Evil saga will be back with an eighth episode called Village. A new work in line with the previous one, Resident Evil 7, which had caused quite a stir with its first-person view. The biggest changes to this new title are therefore hidden in the universe chosen by Capcom, much closer to Resident Evil 4. We’re taking an inventory of the game.

When will Resident Evil Village be released? What about a demo?

Let’s start with the most obvious: Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7, 2021 on PC, PS4, PS5, One, Xbox Series and Stadia. Each of the console versions has its own technical specifications, depending on the selected display mode (graphics or performance). Please refer to the table below for full details. Purchasing the PS4 or One version includes an upgrade to enjoy it for free on Xbox Series and PlayStation 5. If you want to check out Resident Evil Village before you go, it’s not too late. After the three temporary trials for PS4 and PS5, a demo will be available on all media from May 2-10. On the program: an hour of playtime in the famous village and in Dimitrescu Castle, as was previously the case on PlayStation. This time everyone has access to it. Support Resolution and frame ratePS5 (with ray tracing) 4K HDR / 45 fpsPS54K HDR / 60 fpsPS4 Pro (graphics) 4K HDR / 30 fpsPS4 Pro (performance) 1080p / 60 fpsPS4900p / 45 fpsXbox series X (with ray tracing) 4K HDR / 45 fpsXbox series X4K HDR / 60 fpsXbox Serie S (with ray tracing) 1440p HDR / 30 fpsXbox Serie S1440p HDR / 45 fpsXbox One X (graphics) 4K HDR / 30 fpsXbox One X (performance) 1080p / 60 fpsXbox One900p / 30 fps From g. to d. : Rose (Ethan’s partner), Lady Dimitrescu, Chris Redfield

What’s the storyline for Resident Evil Village?

After going through 7 sacred trials in Resident Evil, Ethan Winters puts the cover back into this new work. This time it is the kidnapping of his daughter that will push our hero on an adventure. The great Chris Redfield, one of the main characters in the saga, appears to be involved in the affair. Ethan then goes to a remote village in Romania to find his child and reveal the secrets that surround the strange place. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of gray areas in the Resident Evil Village scenario. We don’t yet know exactly what role Mother Miranda plays at the head of the mysterious city or how her maid Lady Dimitrescu – whose three-meter height challenged the players – will stick sticks in Ethan’s wheels. And most importantly, how did Chris Redfield get into kidnapping the kid? A little more patience before you get the answer. Resident Evil Village – The survival horror presents its scenario

What do we know about the famous village?

What is certain, however, is that the village occupies a central place in this new plant. As the official Resident Evil website explains, the villagers worship Mother Miranda, who hides her face behind a crow mask. And on his orders there are three other nobles in addition to Lady Dimitrescu (who is protected by her daughters): Karl Heisenberg, an engineer who lives in his own factory and does not hesitate to disfigure you with his hammer. Giant iron; Salvatore Moreau, a particularly disgusting creature that develops in a reservoir near a former fishing village. Donna Beneviento, a mysterious woman covered in a black veil and a long dress. The latter is constantly accompanied by Angie, her puppet. Nobles that the player obviously has to face in the different corners of the village, as IGN became known. On the edge of the castle we can also notice the presence of a factory, the Beneviento house, a fortress and a reservoir.

What is Resident Evil Village’s gameplay?

In addition to its aesthetic “Village of Eastern Europe”, which is in contrast to the previous work, and its bestiary, which is based on vampires and werewolves, Village adds further new functions compared to the seventh episode. The most important is undoubtedly the return of the merchant, here called Le Duc. It will be present throughout the adventure and will allow you to buy ammunition, various items, but most importantly modifications for your weapons (pistol, shotgun) for money. An improvement system that was dissected by our colleagues at Game Informer. In Resident Evil Village it will therefore also be possible to bring animal meat to the duke. In return, he will prepare dishes for you that will serve as a temporary or even permanent improvement. Otherwise, the formula of the horror saga remains the same, with manual storage, puzzles, tinkering and object management (with the return of a checked inventory). Ethan’s not the greatest fighter, so blocking attacks is often necessary in order to get out. Resident Evil Village – Overview of the Castle demo on PS4 Pro

Is there any content in addition to the single player campaign?

Resident Evil Village marks the return of the mercenaries, a mode present in other games. In the latter case, the player must eliminate many enemies or achieve goals within a certain time. To spice things up, the level of difficulty will increase over time and the player will have to collect orbs to give the timer time or even acquire skills. The shooting down of the attackers also saves valuable minutes. Finally, the Duke will be there so you can buy bonuses between each round. Finally, Resident Evil Village gives you access to Re: Verse, a competitive TPS starring famous characters from the series. In this multiplayer title, four to six players compete in deathmatch arenas, all in iconic locations like the Racoon City Police Station. While our preview prompts us to be careful, Re: Verse still has it up to him to turn players into bioweapons when they die. A small point that stands out, even if the whole thing remains classic.Re:Verse (promotional images) By Indee, journalist MP

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