Prime Video: Attack on Titan, Creed, Spider-Man: films and series to be seen in May 2021

News culture Prime Video: Attack on Titan, Creed, Spider-Man: Films, series not to be missed in May 2021 Posted on May 1st, 2021 at 1:45 PM, updated on May 1st, 2021 at 1:44 PM Accessible by one The Amazon Prime subscription, the Amazon Prime Video SVOD platform, enriches its catalog with new content every month. After Parks & Rec, Kick-Ass and Downton Abbey in April, it’s time for new series and new films.

Attack on Titan – Seasons 1-3 – May 3rd

Attack on Titan was born in 2009 from a pencil stroke by Hajime Isayama and has delighted readers for many years. At 34 volumes now, the manga has apparently declined in the anime that began in 2012. There are currently three full seasons in the air and a fourth season. The first part of this 4th season, which covers chapters 91 to 166, is already available, while the second part will not be available until winter 2021-2022. From Monday you can see the first three seasons on Amazon Prime, following the adventures of Eren J├Ąger, Mikasa Ackerman or even Armin Arlelt in a world where humanity has built huge walls around its cities to protect itself from gigantic creatures who have favourited Titans. In order to fight, the soldiers are organized in reconnaissance battalions responsible for recapturing the areas outside the walls, in garrisons whose job it is to defend the walls, and in special brigades that ensure peace is maintained in protected areas have to.

Your name – May 3rd

Your Name is an animated film directed by Makoto Shinkai and released in theaters on December 28, 2016. Very well received by critics and gamers, it tells the story of Mitsusha, a teenage girl who dreams of leaving her small village. his little sister and grandmother discover life in Tokyo. Without knowing it, she will dream of the life of Taki, a young student who in turn will dream of the life of Mitshua. After one comet has passed through, they are regularly found in the other’s skin. Will then begin a series of exchanges by various means, knowing that they will do everything possible not to confuse the other’s life. How will you understand this phenomenon? What links will they create? How will they influence each other and, above all, why is this happening to them? Her name tells the story of two opposing people in an extremely touching way and is a must-have for subscribers.

Same kind different from me – May 4th

Known at home by the name These differences that bring us closer. Equally different from me is a biopic-oriented drama directed by Michel Carney and released on video-on-demand on March 21, 2018. From a book that tells a true story. The film tells the meeting between Ron Hall, an art dealer, and Denver Moore, a tramp who is portrayed as violent. Everything resists them, but the two men quickly form a solid friendship that allows Ron and his wife Debbie, who works in a homeless center, to grow closer after years of routine and adultery. Unfortunately, Debbie will soon find out that she has cancer and that Ron’s family will not accept these strangers. Through this friendship, the two friends will tell their lives and their misfortunes, first in a book, then in the film that will soon be released on Amazon Prime. Same Kind of Different As Me received mixed reviews in theaters, generating just $ 6.4 million at the box office on a budget of 6.5.

Creed – May 10th

Eight years after Rocky Balboa, Sylvester Stallone is back to direct a new movie in the world of the famous fictional boxer. Directed by Ryan Coogler, the film chronicles the life and emerging career of Adonis J. Creed, the posthumous son of Applo Creed, the famous opponent of Rocky Balboa. After a youth that was marked by a stay in a juvenile detention center, he became an amateur boxer near Los Angeles. Rejected by all the coaches he approaches, he goes in search of his father’s former rival. The latter, still played by Stallone, hesitates for a while but agrees to train the young man. Then the training of the one who wants to become world heavyweight champion begins. Well-received by the public and the press, aimed at lovers of the rock license and boxing, the film marks the beginning of a new story continued in 2018 by Creed 2, directed by Steve Caple Jr. and written by Silvester Stallone. Why do you want to see another Fight Night episode again?

Spider-Man (Sam Raimi) Trilogy – May 18

Before Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield there was Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi. In 2012, the world’s most popular superhero came to the cinema with a big budget and big ambitions, 30 years after a first trilogy. It tells the story of Peter Parker, a student who is traditionally bitten by a genetically modified spider. He quickly discovered the ability to cling to all surfaces. In Sam Raimi’s version, however, he is of course able to weave his nets, which has led to heated discussions among fans. As in the comics, he has to grapple with his secret identity, the weight of his uncle Ben’s death for whom he feels guilty, his friendship with Harry Osborne and his love for Mary-Jane Watson. Things get complicated when the Green Goblin shows up. and threatens all of New York. Peter then has to fully accept his role as Spider-Man and protect his own. In the sequel we find a Peter who is much more confident of himself, but is fed up with his strength and is very interested in the work of Doctor Otto Octavius. Unfortunately, the latter will see his invention take over and create a new threat. Finally and in the third work we find a Peter in complete doubt who has to face someone he loves. These doubts go hand in hand with the arrival of a strange alien matter that clings to him and gives him new skills with great rewards …

P! NK: Everything I know so far – May 21st

Let’s end our highlights with P! NK: All I Know So far, an exclusive music documentary from Amazon Prime Video directed by Machael Gracey. The latter puts viewers in the heart of the singer’s Beautfiful Trauma Tour, which took place in 2019. The opportunity to learn more about and follow the evolution of Alecia Beth Moore, who has been on stages around the world for 26 years. The summary of the production shows how the singer connects her life as an artist, entrepreneur and mother. All of this is illustrated by pictures from the tour, their backstage, interviews and documents. Note that this documentary will be accompanied by an album, All I Know So Far: Setlist, which will contain 17 tracks.


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