Is Destiny 2 still a free game?

Game News Is Destiny 2 Still a Free Game? Posted on May 1, 2021 at 8:45 pm, updated on May 1, 2021 at 8:41 pm In 2019, Bungie parted ways with Activision and offered the free transition of its online cooperative FPS flagship Destiny 2, which we really can almost two years later say that it is a game accessible for free to anyone who wants to enjoy the universe and its features? In several ways, the answer is far from obvious. Destiny 2 is available for cash for the first time and offers a business model based on DLC and expansions (once a year). Since then, Destiny 2 has evolved into something more accessible. In addition to being available in Xbox Game Pass (where we can find the expansions, but not the seasons), the Bungie title is therefore available for free from any platform with cross-save.

Free of charge, it has its price

But since the free offer started, the experience of the game has changed significantly. For that we have to go back a little. In 2019, players therefore had no-spend access to the original campaign and its two DLCs (year 1). It was still about 30 hours of gameplay. We were also able to access the entire PvP mode as well as most of the attacks, the three-player instances. Plus, level up (or proficiency level in the language of the game) was not capped, which means there was nothing to prevent you from reaching the highest level of proficiency, even if you did not buy seasons or expansions afterwards, as in all games of the means of farming Genres. Bungie had also come up with a good idea to offer a lot of its second year content (and the Forsaken expansion) for free. Of course, there was plenty of wiggle room for players who just wanted to get involved in Destiny 2 without really fully integrating and keeping up with the updates, but that was before that. In fact, since November 2020 and the release of the Beyond the Light expansion, Bungie has been reviewing the content available. Regardless of the player (free or not), much of the original Destiny 2 content is missing as part of the main story. All of these little people have joined the Content Vault, a vault that also contains all of the first Destiny that was reset in Destiny 2. When the studio promised to bring this content back over the months (of the original episode as a sequel), that’s how we saw the disappearance of everything that made up the qualities of the free-to-play offering.

A real free demo

Not much remains of the very generous first experiences made in 2019, except for an offer of discovery that now serves more as a demo. You can certainly always try to achieve the maximum level of performance, but the playing time required for this exceeds the limit of what is reasonable. Because Bungie is now offering extra weak content to keep those who don’t want to pay to keep them busy. Fewer planets, eliminating the three campaigns previously available for free, as well as the attacks and PvP maps associated with them … We certainly have unlimited access to all of the remaining areas, but most of them require the purchase of ” one or more expansions or even the Season Pass to Enjoy to the Fullest Some seasons offer a free script mission or two for free so that players will want to check out. and seasonal activities like Christmas, Halloween and summer events are open to all. But otherwise, the experience is very poor and does not generally make you want to get started. Over the months and since Destiny 2’s ancient planets disappeared, Bungie appears to have been more of a victim than an actor in its development decisions, under the guise of a scenario justification that is passable at best. At the time of writing, the new intro doesn’t make up for anything that’s been removed for free players (let alone those who have paid for Destiny 2 and its DLC since 2017). Buy-to-Play, then Generously Free To play, Destiny 2 now offers just a faint free experience that serves more as a demo than anything else. A big demo, of course, which quickly makes going to the cash register a must, and not just for the scenario – as great as it is. We’ll have to see how Bungie plans to change that in the coming months, especially with three expansions planned by 2023. For example, the community’s idea would be to make the oldest expansions free (like Forsaken or Bastion of Shadows) The ball is in Bungie’s playing field, who refused to speak when we reached out to them while writing this article. By scie-le-vin, administrator MP

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