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News GTA V RP Tip: How to Play RP Mode Our guide Posted on 05/01/2021 at 1:35 PM If you’re used to the French-speaking Twitch scene, the phenomenon of the moment cannot be missed: GTA RP. This game mode popular by the Zerator RPZ server has been very successful in the last few days. How do you get into the PR adventure too? Would you like to try RP on GTA V? During ZEvent 2020, one of Zerator’s donation goals was to organize the opening of a GTA RP server for two weeks to accommodate all streamers who have already participated in ZEvent. The fifth installment of the famous Rockstar Games license allows you to practice RP thanks to the online mode: you play as your character in the game world, speak like him, act like him … you are no longer a player, but a character, which takes place in a cohesive and dynamic world. If, like your favorite streamers, you want to start the RP adventure on GTA V, follow our guide that will show you all aspects of this famous game mode. Here you will find tips on installing the almost indispensable FiveM client, creating your character or choosing between the PC or console version! All these tips can be found in our Complete Guide to GTA V alongside the Online Mode Guide. Summary of our Complete Guide to GTA V by Anthesk, writing by MP

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