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From Guns of Mercy to Finding Teddy to Aggelos, it goes without saying that Storybird Games is a studio nostalgic of the past. Each of his creations takes us on their DeLorean for a jump into the 80s and 90s and let’s be honest, they often hit the mark, with high quality productions that offer hectic and exhausting adventures against the backdrop of Madeleine de Proust. Today they return with their latest Switch creation, Golden Force, an action platform game with pixel art. It remains to be seen whether he is as persuasive as his elders. The golden power is running out of gold and resources are scarce. To solve this problem, his crew, interested in action and adventure, decided to go in search of wealth and try to defeat the tyrant of an atypical archipelago, to say the least. Take on Tacos Island, Burrito Island, and other islands named for Mexican and Spanish food, but make no mistake as they are teeming with dangers and challenges to overcome. As a simple and effective starting situation, we expect nothing less from this type of game.

A fun and well done trip

If Golden Force doesn’t surprise with its structure or mechanics, it’s still entertaining. The game consists of a total of 4 islands, which themselves contain 4 levels and a bonus level that can be unlocked each time. The content is not stingy and each new island is different from the others. They all have their own identity and offer increasingly complex phases that require more skill, especially in the platform phases. To complete this trip the four crew members are at your disposal and you must choose which one to use before each course. Aside from the animations, there is unfortunately no noticeable difference between characters or skills that make one more distinctive than the other. They all have a three-hit starting combo, a charged attack to make enemies fly in the background, a shot that can be used offensively, a slide, and a double jump. Nothing very exhilarating, but that doesn’t stop the game from offering a vibrant and well-thought-out gameplay that requires you to be on your guard from start to finish. Finally, for example, your choice will be based on nostalgia, since you will have the opportunity to play Spina, who will undoubtedly remind you of Shantae, the famous heroine of the games of the same name. A slightly tense passage.If this platformer can be devious and sometimes obstacles kill you in one fell swoop, the developers have nevertheless set a point of honor in order to make the adventure as accessible as possible and therefore regularly offer a series of consistent maintenance, control and checkpoints in front of the bosses, which makes your work a little easier. You can even invite a local friend to play to defy all the dangers and make them even more dynamic. Note that having a teammate doesn’t mess up the fights. Far from it, the action is completely readable and you have enough room for two. The only problem can be the side of the camera isolating your partner’s point of view in a bubble if it strays too far, which can confuse you and make some walks more tedious. This is not serious and in general you have plenty of room for two people. It’ll even make your exploration easier for you, because yes, one of the other strengths of Golden Force is the level design, which seems appropriate at first glance and is to some extent appropriate once you decide to go through the game. For those with the soul of a completer or an explorer, Storybird has a wide variety of hidden objects to find. The studio will even force your hand a little, as the world map gives you the opportunity to visit your dear captain’s shop, who offers you improvements that are permanent or activatable during your adventures, but at cost. Hence, in addition to the many small gold coins that you will pick up with no difficulty, you will either have to ignore the problem or go back to collect the three giant pieces and if you did not take care to show a minimum of curiosity as you cross the levels Fossil scattered in each of them. The consequence of the override is the inability to buy real bonuses to make your trip easier, such as: B. extra hearts. You will understand, curiosity pays well, and it diversifies and intensifies the experience, which often forces you to take more risks. If you are really determined, you will know in the same register that you will be given a score every time. End of Course This will depend on several elements including the time it took you to complete the level. Why bother? It’s up to you to judge whether it’s worth it or not, but a green bar, different for each island, will fill up gradually and faster depending on your score. There are multiple levels with increasingly interesting rewards, but you need to have the motivation to repeat certain levels many times, which is not for everyone.

A beautiful retro epic, but not without its flaws

During your conquest of the archipelago, you will travel through very strange lands, from the dangerous ascent of a mountain to the impressive crossing of an area haunted by flying skulls. It’s pretty explicit, Golden Force is certainly spoiled with backdrops, little exotic for the genre, but varied, with each bringing their share of novelty, especially when it comes to the platform. All of this is embellished with a pixel art style reminiscent of the retro era and sprinkled with a gorgeous color palette. However, the monsters were not entitled to this preferential treatment. They are either very classic in their looks or very bizarre. While we can imagine that was the developers’ intention, more than once we will stare at what we meet with puzzled looks. Fortunately, this is not the case with the bosses, who are much more addicting in the way they were designed, be it aesthetic or playful. And while we mention the playful aspect, it’s simply because the challenge is risky to miss the rendezvous during your clashes with most of the creatures encountered. The enemies are very easy to route as their movements are easily predictable and therefore you have plenty of time to react. In fact, they won’t stop shooting them quickly, even if it means sacrificing a little gold as the threat they pose is less. This has the effect that only bosses who do not have this problem despite lengthy battles will have room for the actual challenge. This has at least the advantage of making these duels more stressful because if you are not careful, your health points, which are not numerous, will melt if you do not make improvements, like snow in the sun. In addition, there is time to appreciate the music, which, without being too present, knows how to attract attention when necessary and sets the tone of Golden Force from the start. Fast and lively, just what we need to go to sea with our crew. Prizes + positive points A dynamic and easy adventure A colorful aesthetic A well-crafted level design A welcome and entertaining multiplayer A nice homage to retro classics An energetic soundtrack Boss struggles with a nice design … – Negative points … but which mostly dragging out No concrete difference between characters to choose Lack of challenge from generally non-dangerous enemies It goes without saying that Golden Force does not revolutionize the platform action game but still offers a nice homecoming that the will satisfy the most nostalgic and platformer lovers. The work on the gameplay and level design is significant and we feel the love of the developers for this genre, who wanted to make the experience as enjoyable and attractive as possible. Even if we offer a multiplayer mode to make everything more fun and nervous, our only advice is to play the game and be tempted, to say the least, by this adventure. User April 30th, 2021 at 19:00:00 Readers’ opinions Give your opinion on this game!

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