Gameplay Ready or Not shows its PvE

Ready or Not has been created since 2017 and is still in alpha but is gradually getting all the elements that bring it into the final version. Always determined to offer transparent development, the developers at Void Interactive are revealing a little gameplay today. Ready Or Not allows players to impersonate a member of a SWAT unit and today presents a minute and a half of PvE, meaning players versus the environment. The developers lead us here to the title Hotelkarte. Tactical FPS, the title requires patience and coordination to achieve the goal and successfully complete the mission. We see the entry of two players, the progress of the team, but also the arrest and neutralization of terrorists. We would have wished for the full follow-up to a mission, however, rather than the end of multiple sequences, but that will be for the next time. By MalloDelic, writing by MP

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