A free weekend for Titanfall 2 on the PC

Game News A Free Weekend for Titanfall 2 on PC Posted on 05/01/2021 at 10:16 am By the start of the ninth season of Apex Legends, players will return to Titanfall 2 with the outcome of mostly Titanfall 2, located in the same universe a recent one Steam visitor record. Starting last night, players will be able to download Titanfall 2 for free on Steam and enjoy it until Monday, May 3rd at 7pm. This leaves plenty of time to discover the excellent single player campaign for those who wish and to level up with some titans in multiplayer. Don’t see it specifically as an opportunity for Respawn to reveal a possible sequel, but rather as a chance to surf the recent madness due to the arrival of Valkyrie in Apex Legends, who happens to be the daughter of a well-known character from Titanfall, namely Viper . Did you hear people want to play Titanfall 2 this weekend? On Steam, the title reminds us of its availability in EA Play, which itself is built into Game Pass. Titanfall 2 in its Ultimate Edition is available for € 29.99, while with a pack you can get Titanfall Deluxe Edition and Titanfall 2 for € 24.99.

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