7 roguelites of less than 500MB absolutely do

Game News 7 Roguelites Less Than 500MB You Must Do Posted 5/1/2021 11:45 AM Over the years, weight has become a key consideration when choosing a title. However, lightness does not rhyme with mediocrity. To prove it, JVCom offers a genre selection for these nuggets that can be installed anytime, anywhere. First point with the roguelite. But then what is a roguelite? Roguelite has been popularized over the years and has become more than one category. It’s a new way of discovering genres that are already there. It’s a game in which rooms, monsters, and objects are generated randomly between each attempt. If he dies, the player will keep some of the resources accumulated during their attempt. They allow him to unlock skills, objects and characters that will help him with any attempt to move on, or at least vary his experience. The roguelite enlivens the genre it clings to, and they are diverse. The proof of this small selection. Preamble: non-exhaustive selection Having become popular over the years, roguelite has become a genre and contains many titles worth watching. Since research has focused on Steam, the list below is far from complete, but it tries to award several titles with different gameplay. Don’t hesitate to give your pearl in the comments!

The Life of a Space Captain: Faster Than Light | 217 MB

PC Mac iOS First game (and first hit!) Of subset games seduced by Faster than Light: this shows the rating of 84 for Metacritic for the press and 8.4 / 10 user rating. But what is it exactly? With the Galactic Federation losing to the Rebel Brotherhood, the player has vital information that can turn the tide. At the helm of a spaceship, his goal is to join the Federation while avoiding the rebels after him. Faster than light will appeal to strategy enthusiasts, as many aspects have to be managed in real time: have enough fuel ready to reach the end of the journey, put out the fires in the cockpit in the event of a collision and improve the ship’s equipment (weapons, shield engines) …).

The game of chess: Into the breach | 317 MB

PC Switch Mac Into the Breach was released in 2018 and is the second game developed by Subset Games. It is similar to playing chess. The player takes on the role of the captain of a military squad whose task it is to defend the world from the invasion of insects called Veks. For this purpose he has three different types of mechas with different movements and abilities. On a card with 64 fields (8 * 8), the squadron must protect the network (the chess equivalent of the king) from the Veks by using the card and optimizing the capacities of its units. A turn-based game reminiscent of the heyday of the Game Boy Advance with Advance Wars and Fire Emblem.

Origin of the genre: Binding by Isaac | 50 MB

PC PS4 ONE Switch Stadiums WiiU 3DS Vita iOS There was nothing before. Then there was Isaac’s bond. Edmund McMillen is already behind a 2010 Super Meat Boy that has become iconic, appearing a year after Binding of Isaac, which will be part of the video game story books. The players take on the role of Isaac, a child who develops in a Gore universe and has to kill his psychopathic mother. Binding Isaac is a necessary step for any gamer who wants to understand where the fundamentals of the genre came from. As the attempts progress, the unlocked items necessarily vary the experience as the various possible endings restart the machine. Over and over. Here we offered the first version of the game, but there is also Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, a revised version (new graphics, new user interface and more objects) than the original version. The background doesn’t change and the weight hardly varies: 350MB for the latest one.

Perfect with Netflix: Loop Hero | 250 MB

Loop Hero was released on March 04, 2021 and is a game that was developed and published by Devolveer Digital (Gray, My Friend Pedro …). The players take on the role of a hero whose task it is to bring the world out of a time warp imposed by the Lich. Why did you include it in this selection? Unlike the other games mentioned, Loop Hero automatically manages part of the aspects of the game: the battles and the hero’s movement around the map. The principle here is to reclaim a maximum of resources (wood, food and equipment) by creating the map piece by piece. These resources will make it possible to go further and further in the adventure.

The game from the 90s: Scourgebringer | 356 MB

PC PS4 ONE Switch Vita Scourgebringer was developed by the French Flying Oak Games and combines roguelite mechanics and nervous gameplay. The players embody Khyra, the last hope of an entire people. An unknown entity threatens to destroy the rest of civilization and it is the woman with the silver hair who must defeat evil. In addition to his blade and pistol, his agile movement allows him to spin between each enemy, which is a pleasant way to face a challenge that will make more than a sweaty sweat. Scourgebringer is reminiscent of the nervous and very punishing side of yesterday’s video game.

Must-Do: Streets of the Villain | 320 MB

PC PS4 ONE Switch Are you tired of the dark universe games dominated by villains where you are the last hope of an entire people? Streets of Rogue can then do the trick! No invading insects or the end of the world were announced here: alone or with friends, the player embodies a person from several possible classes: the doctor, the thief or the police officer. Depending on the profession, he has access to different powers and has to complete several quests. In summary, the game integrates the GTA mechanics into a 2D roguelite with colorful graphics.

It was a bim bam boom: Nuclear Throne | 402 MB

PC PS4 Vita iOS If the list doesn’t include jitter for your taste, Nuclear Throne should fill that void. The title developed and edited by Vlambeer is a real adrenaline rush, that’s how much it explodes everywhere. The player embodies a character of his choice, each with a passive power (more life points, faster walking) and an active power (runs in one direction, detonates corpses on the ground). The goal is to reach the last level where the atomic throne is located. To do this, the player must eliminate every creature on the ground on which he should reach the next level. Many weapons (laser beam, shotgun, crowbar …) are available to the player. By eliminating enemies, he can level up and regain additional powers. The only bug in the game: No French translation at the moment. In something heavier and just as brilliant we could have mentioned …: By Charlanmhg, writing by MPTwitter

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