Apex Legends Trailer: Valkyrie, the new heroine, shows her skills in the video

Apex Legends, Battle Royale from Electronic Arts, will be updated with a brand new season in a few days. The latter, called Legacy, will offer new weapons in particular, a new permanent mode called Arena, but above all Valkyrie, a brand new legend. On May 4th, Valkyrie, the new playable legend won’t hesitate to disrupt your habits by landing on Apex Legends. The latter, taken straight from the game Titanfall, Respawn’s other creation, will be equipped with a jetpack that will allow it to fly across the battlefield. Of course, this new skill will change the way you play as you will have to constantly watch the sky, but rest assured there will still be limits. Indeed, Valkyrie’s machine will be limited in fuel. In order to recharge this flying vehicle, it is therefore essential to return to land. One more detail: once the Valkyrie is in the air, it can no longer fire, but it can still send 12 missiles to a selected location thanks to the Swarm of Missiles ability. Note that this attack can also be used on the ground. Valkyrie is also equipped with a passive ability called Recon. This ability, as the name suggests, allows you to be one step ahead of the game by marking the nearest safe circle right on the map. Finally, Valkyrie will also be equipped with Skyward Dive, an ultimate ability that allows teams to redeploy faster onto the battlefield. Indeed, with this ability, Valkyrie will be able to take her jetpack into the air and use her to train the members of her squad. Once in the air, the various heroes who have chosen to hold on to the new legend can easily jump to a safe place or even bypass enemy groups. You’ll also like: By JeromeJoffard, writing by MPTwitter

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