Wreckfest trailer: the additions to the PS5 version in detail

In a few days, the king of the wrinkled can will be back with a brand new version. In fact, Bugbear Entertainment’s creation, Wreckfest will be back on PlayStation 5. However, in order for us to wait until May 4th, the software release date gives us the studio we owe FlatOut first and second to a brand of new trailers that is particularly focused on the additions to this next-gen version. On May 4, 2021, racing game enthusiasts will be catered for with the arrival of Wreckfest on PlayStation 5. Obviously, the title will land on the new Sony console, with some significant new features starting with support for the 4K / 60fps combo. But that is not all. The motorized experience also offers improved textures, revised effects, shorter loading times, now offers space for 24 players simultaneously in online mode and even benefits from the haptic feedback of the controller, ideal for feeling the bumps when an opponent hits you head-on. As a reminder, the PlayStation 5 version of Wreckfest will be available for “free” to all PlayStation Plus subscribers from May 4th. Players who already have the title on PlayStation 4 can benefit from this upgrade by paying € 9.99. You’ll Also Like: By JeromeJoffard, Editor MPTwitter

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