Metro Exodus: A date and details for the Enhanced Edition on PC

Metro Exodus Game News: A Date and Details for the Enhanced Edition on PC Posted on 04/29/2021 at 8:38 am. If the PS5 and Xbox series versions are still expected this year with no further details on a release date, the new version will be optimized for PC version of Metro Exodus, has one! The opportunity to learn more about this version. Metro Exodus was a real graphic and artistic slap in the face when it was released, especially on the PC. Two years later, 4A Games is offering an even improved version of its final part of the saga, inspired by the work of Dmitri Gloukhovski. Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition will be released on May 6th on Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store. Owners of the original PC game can only download a free upgrade, which is a standalone app. Please note: The Microsoft Store version, unlike the other three versions of the Microsoft Store, does not allow a backup transfer. We cannot officially support backup transfers on the Microsoft Store platform as the backup files are encrypted in their cloud-based solution. 4A Games also promises that players who do not want to broadcast their parries but still want to repeat certain parts of the game can do so. This is because a chapter unlock feature will be available in all updated PC versions, as well as future versions of the PS5 and Xbox series. Players can rediscover these parts of the game with graphical improvements, new features, and a range of standard equipment and resources. 4A Games to Add: However, we highly recommend playing the game again for the best experience possible and possibly a different ending. This new PC version includes everything that was promised in the PS5 and Xbox Series versions. with additional specific functions. The game will include Metro Exodus DLC, 4K / 60 FPS support, technologies like Ray Traced Global Illumination, Ray Traced Emissive Lighting, DirectX 12 support, 4K textures, reduced stress, more reflections … DLSS 2.0 and enhanced reflections included The ray tracing technology is used exclusively for this PC Enhanced Edition. Many other features will be from this version (as you can see in detail above and in the long analysis video of this expanded edition published by Digital Foundry below). As a reminder, Metro Exodus was one of the first games to feature ray-tracing technology when it was released. Metro Exodus’ PS5 and Xbox series versions will be released later this year. A Mac version (on the Mac App Store) and a Linux version (on Steam) were released on April 14th. Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition will be released on May 6th on Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, and Microsoft Store. Also read: By Damien-Scaletta, Editorial MPTwitter

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