GTFO: A new solid rundown for the terrible co-op FPS

GTFO Game News: A New Solid Rundown For The Terrible Co-op FPS Posted on 04/29/2021 at 1:00 PM. Two years ago, GTFO popped out of the aisles of Studio 10 Chambers, made up of developers who helped design the PayDay franchise. The latter’s cooperative niche remains here, but the atmosphere has darkened considerably. The studio’s multiplayer FPS, described as Left 4 Dead and run through the prism of Alien, is enriched with a new rundown called Rebirth, which is now available to owners of the game and which we will be in the developer company for 1 hour 30 could try.

A demanding sun protection factor that still causes fear

If you haven’t heard from GTFO, let’s take a quick look at this FPS with a particularly fearful vibe. You and three of your teammates are prisoners of the “complex”, a huge underground network that is very industrial and into which you are sent against your will. Armed with a handful of weapons and a few tools (mines, enemy detectors, or even substances that reinforce the doors or obstruct those who gain a foothold), your small group must explore the undergrounds infested with enemy creatures and try to free themselves out of this unfortunate situation, if possible in one piece. GTFO has two main attractions. The first of them is undoubtedly the suffocating atmosphere that he can transcribe. The various rooms of the complex, which you will explore depending on your goals, are dim but superbly lit. They all have a special atmosphere, their very own artistic direction. These disused cellars, which in this case are being eaten away by the vegetation as part of the rebirth mission, are really expanding and are not so easy to tame. Flashlights will blind you more than anything when they are reflected off the surrounding fog. However, if you withdraw the light, you also risk setting foot on one of the creatures you don’t need, in a pit or worse, The Shadows. GTFO’s enemies are a kind of snapper from The Last of Us. They’re pretty impressive, but they have one major weakness. From time to time they send out an indoor light, and when they do, the slightest movement or beam of a flashlight will be detected by the animal, which is rushing to round up its little friends to get you to pass the gun on the left. However, these sparkles are short and irregular, giving you a chance to get close to the creatures for a short time. If you coordinate well with your group and sync your attacks with melee weapons, you can quietly roughen the troops present or even try to go unnoticed in a monster infested room. This is the second main attraction of GTFO: collaboration is important and is systematically encouraged. In addition to the fact that you can bring your partners ammunition or a grooming kit, you can also tell them the information you gathered in a freshly hacked terminal, or specify exactly on the map exactly which point of interest might be shot. ‘To explore or which area to secure in the event of a general warning from opponents. It will therefore be necessary to properly distribute your specialized equipment among the various members of the squad before you even go into combat. Duplicate tools are not recommended here, for example, and each has a critical use in progressing well because, yes, sometimes infiltration isn’t allowed and opening a door will trigger waves of enemies that won’t stop streaming until your squad long enough remained in different areas to be scanned to stop the alarm. Preparation must always be meticulous and cooperative as your ammunition and standard of living are very limited. In short, the game is clearly not fun and those looking for a challenge and a really cooperative game will undoubtedly find what they are looking for.

A new rundown that solidifies and improves the basics of the game

Since its inception, the game has been based on the rundown system which, when deployed, contains new scenarios, objectives or maps and replaces those previously set up. This Rundown number 5 therefore brings a “greener” card than in the past, all in all, of course, some new weapons and enemies, but primarily aims to introduce the principle of the “boost implants”. However, these boosters, designed to improve your skills, are not easily available. During an expedition, you must choose to carefully search every room and corner of the complex to discover artifacts that are scanned, shared by your squad members, and ultimately kept by Warden, your prison guard. Whether your expedition is a success or not, this data can be converted into a booster that you can equip before leaving a mission. The many boosters in this rundown are divided into three different categories and offer you different attributes. Quick chopping, damage boost when you are around your companions, increased skills when you are in poisonous clouds. Most have their advantages and disadvantages and encourage you to use your surroundings in an environment as the philosophy of the game suggests. Try to pull yourself out of the disturbing complex that you are in in one piece. Which pleasantly renews the games without fundamentally disrupting the basis of GTFO. With this new rundown, which again modifies the architecture of the complex and introduces new ways to personalize your roster, GTFO proves once again that it remains on the path to a definitive exit from the date of which, unfortunately, has not yet been given. When the developers tell us that they have already done more than half the work before it’s final release, other surprises are brewing on their premises to refine their formula. Diving into this new rundown is a good opportunity to remind yourself that GTFO is a very good game with solid early access for those who want a good horror shooter with a strong cooperative accent. By [87], Journalist MPTwitter

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