Genshin Impact how to join and invite your friends in your Sérénithéière

Genshin Impact Tip News on how to join and invite your friends to your Sérénithéière Posted on 04/30/2021 at 12:36 AM We continue our guide to the Sérénithéière and this time we give a little explanation of how to reach the property of a friend Rest assured, you are far from being alone and not having found how to reach out to a friend at their accommodation. We explain step by step how you can show your loved ones your distinctive taste for architecture and decoration! Don’t hesitate to consult our Genshin Impact Guide for more information on what’s new in this patch. Contrary to your opinion, the invitation will not be sent directly through the Serenithéière. The patch added an option by going to your friends list, clicking on your friend’s portrait (R3 on PlayStation) and selecting “Ask” to visit the Serenithéière. It’s that simple, if you know … About Genshin Impact By Tridash, writing from MP

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