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News Miitopia tip: classes, farm … how do you prepare well for the game’s release? Our guide Posted on 04/28/2021 at 8:37 PM Miitopia was released on 3DS in 2017 and is back on Nintendo Switch on May 21st! The game demo has been available in the eShop since yesterday and allows you to browse the first area of ​​the game. If you are looking to buy the definitive version, these first few steps are crucial. Choosing classes for your team, first lessons of farming … let’s go through it all!

What is Miitopia?

Miitopia is a turn-based RPG set in a very classic medieval fantasy world. Your avatar develops in a team of 4 characters, each with a specific class. These classes grant certain statistics and powers. Attention, strange feature: you only play your character. All of your teammates are embodied by an AI, which significantly reduces the tactical aspect of the game. In the wonderful world of Miitopia, everything went well until the Avatar of Evil (who is called Malefico if you don’t assign him your little brother’s Mii who has an account on your Switch) begins. Steal people’s faces to give them to monsters. You have the idea: you must save the world by killing the avatar of evil and finding stolen faces in each of your battles. Play Miitopia with Link, Dumbledore, Rick & Morty … If you haven’t created a lot of Miis in your console and don’t feel like doing it, you can choose the faces of your companions and all of the game’s NPCs from a selection of famous faces! When prompted to choose a face, click Receive, then scroll all the way down to Popular. Miitopia’s full and detailed guide is displayed at the time of publication. In the meantime, here are some tips on how to get through the early hours of the game and prepare for May 21st as you wish!

Which class should you choose for your Mii on Miitopia?

The first moment of the concrete gameplay will be your class choice at the time of your first fight, right after you have collected the old amulet given by the “Affected Mother”. You have 6 options: warrior, magician, priest, thief, singer or cook. We won’t beat a thousand years, we have to choose warriors or magicians. Priests and singers are support classes, they do very little harm. At the beginning of the game you have no one to assist and you have to kill monsters yourself. Later in the adventure, you’ll find that teammates are managed by an AI who spends their lives healing the group by wasting your precious items instead of attacking … and assigning them the support classes. Versatile, which can be a good choice if you want a bit more originality than the great classics from RPG. The thief is the trap. On our first run we tried … and there is no technique that will cause harm for a long time. Long time. Too long. You don’t know yet, but you are too lazy to play a thief or a thief, we promise you that.

What classes do you choose for your adventurers on Miitopia?

For your first recruitment, we strongly recommend a second class of nag (magician or warrior). Either way, you will need it and the fights at the beginning will seem long if you are next to a Zigoto distracting the enemy instead of hitting them. For the second recruit, the third member of the team, Priest seems like a very good choice. You will get into your first boss fights and the healing will be important, the fourth member of the team will remain. Our preferred choice is the cook, who is a more versatile medium than the singer. It’s up to you to choose between these two as long as you don’t take a thief. Finally, we strongly recommend that you create two pairs of characters and always let them sleep together in the inn. Your goal is for every member of your team to be closely connected with at least one other member in order to restore interesting duo skills such as the terrible revenge.

Where can you find the faces of the residents of the city of Udébu on Miitopia?

Your first mission will be to find the faces of the Udébu villagers literally scattered around the 4 corners of the first zone. Here we are only going to talk about boss fights. The others can be done without a strategy. To get faster, we also recommend pressing X during a fight and checking the “Auto Combat” box. You can also save yourself a thumb cramp by pressing the same button repeatedly. Check the monsters’ health points! Oddly enough, your opponents’ life bar only shows up when going through the combat menu. There you have to select “Enemy Status” and all the information will be displayed including the life bar which is very useful during a boss fight. The monsters’ weaknesses do not appear on the screen, but it seems to us that they have some! For example, the lightning spell seems to do more harm with water monsters like banshees, and the fire spell seems to hit more forest clocks like mushrooms of the world soon after a first companion is recruited. This first “boss” will be in the shape of a butterfly and a simple level 2 mage will be enough to kick his hindquarters. The pigeon: his face, stuck to a yellow mouse, is in the southwest of the region. This boss is a bit tough and accessible to a level 3 team, especially if you’ve already made some friends and bought some weapons. The Cynical Man: The jaded NPC’s face deep in Udebu was placed on a rock to the northwest of the map. Be careful, this fight is a little tough. The stone hurts and, as you can imagine, is particularly resilient. Anyway, don’t go to the top left of the map unless you have a full Level 4 team. The Cheerful Lady: In the extreme southeast of the region there is a cave, the “Darkwater Cave”, the most difficult area of ​​the demo, which is very discouraged below level 4. If you cross it from west to east, you will come to the Castle Esplanade, where the final boss of the demo in the form of “Tidiable” is waiting for you. Don’t hesitate to earn XP by doing two or three cave tours before you face this! With the right stuff and a few items, the goblin can be defeated from level 5! After each boss, don’t forget to return to town to speak to the villager who has just regained his face! You receive gifts as a token of gratitude and it is always good to receive them. Also, of course, remember to make the most of each inn: spend your gold, feed your characters as much as you can, take them out, play mini-games …

Where can you grow gold and levels in the first area of ​​Miitopia?

We just talked about this, the key area of ​​this demo is the Darkwater Cave. If you go back and forth on the flag in the middle of the cave, you’ll come across the same 3 fights in a loop: first the 3 banshees, then the 5 jellies and finally the death combination 4 jellies + 1 banshee + 1 cumulus. These 3 fights alone bring you around 300 gold and 400 experience points. That is more than all the bosses put together. You’re welcome. Many chests are hidden all over the map. Sometimes the game gives you the opportunity to choose between two different paths. We encourage you to traverse all the areas where a selection has been made in order to take all possible paths. You will inevitably find new chests, that is, hundreds of gold coins.

What good is Amiibo’s Nintendo fan (Maria)?

By showing Mii, disguised as Mario in the north of the region, an amiibo, he gives you a costume. For example, if you place a peach amiibo, you can dress up as a peach. Kind!

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