Get Dr. Eggman with the Sonic The Hedgehog T-shirt

Good deal news pick up from Dr. Eggman with the Sonic The Hedgehog T-Shirt Posted on Apr 27, 2021 at 6:22 PM Zavvi is currently offering the Dr. Eggman T-Shirt + figure package from Figure Collectable for less than € 15 to luck for fans of all Sega Blue Hedgehog stripes. For less than 15 € you can get the official t-shirt of the Sonic The Hedgehog collection. From XS to XXL you will inevitably find your size. The figure is now from Figure Collectable. It measures 14.4 x 12.2 x 9.4 cm and shows Dr. Eggman with a wicked smile.

Where can I buy the T-shirt + figure package?

Zavvi is currently offering this package for less than € 15. The latter includes the t-shirt + the figure of Dr. Eggman. In addition, by visiting the site, you can discover the Sonic The Hedgehog Chaos collection, which was inspired by the first stage of the game Sonic: Green Hill Zone. Discover the Dr. Eggman T-shirt + figure package for € 14.99 at Zavvi. Also read: By Matt_Clank, journalist MP

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