Video games against Covid?

Video games have long had a reputation among non-connoisseurs for baffling gamers. If scientific studies prove otherwise, a new milestone could be passed. What if a game could help fight the symptoms of Covid? Video games can increase alertness and processing speed. A fact that has inspired some researchers. So a new clinical study conducted by teams at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York is trying to determine whether video games can help reduce symptoms of cognitive impairment in certain patients previously affected by Covid-19. To that end, these teams decided to prescribe a prescription game to study its effects on people with memory and attention problems.

A study is still ongoing

Because in some patients who are affected by the virus, a form of the “brain frog” persists. For this reason, several volunteers aged 18 or over have agreed to play 25 minutes a day five times a week. The mandatory game for these players, developed by Akili Interactive, is called Endeavor RX. It puts the player in control of an on-board ship that they must circumnavigate while avoiding the obstacles that stand in their way. Last year it was the first prescription video game for children with attention deficit disorders. The currently ongoing study should last 6 weeks before undertaking follow-up treatment, which will last 4 years. By Rob_Bellamy, Writing MPTwitter

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