The ultimate version of Control on PS5 for less than € 36

Good plan news The ultimate version of the game Control on PS5 for less than 36 € Posted on 04/27/2021 at 4:14 PM Are you missing the very special atmosphere that we find in these US federal offices? Do you feel like playing Elf in strange things? There is control for this and the game is available on Amazon. Control is first and foremost a special atmosphere. Spartan offices smell like Cold War films, in which anything is possible, from spy cats to surveillance dolphins, but most of all, parapsychological experiences. Often with supposedly authorized persons. But what if that were true? Control takes place in this type of universe, within the Federal Bureau of Control, a seemingly subterranean agency that hides many secrets, and maybe Dylan, the heroine’s brother who disappeared 17 years ago.

Where to buy Control Ultimate Edition

Control was offered a port for next-gen and especially for PS5. This edition contains not only the original game, but also the two expansions: Foundation & AWE. And so the title gets a facelift, in which it draws its resources from the power of the PS5. Control Ultimate Edition is on sale for less than € 36 and is available very quickly! Hurry up to get yours! Find Control Ultimate on PS5 for € 35.99 instead of € 40 on Amazon.

What you need to know about Control Ultimate Edition

Control is a TPS, which means a 3rd person shooter. As you play you can see how your character is doing. The heroine of control develops in a very specific world. On the border between several dimensions, it reaches the Federal Bureau of Control, an American government agency with vague motives for action. In this game Remedy and 505Games develop a real puzzle together. Halfway between thriller and action, the title wraps us in an atmosphere full of desks, paper and paper clips, in which the concrete of the walls is brutally displayed. And without this being very feng shui, a unit, the Hiss, decided to attack the employees of the establishment in question. Another obstacle for the heroine, who was looking for her brother Dylan, who had been missing for 17 years. The whole thing gives a game with a very strong identity that will delight fans of Stranger Things, Dark and other series in which dimensions, parapsychological and strange phenomena are legion. This edition also includes the two expansions related to the game. The opinion of Carnbee15 / 20Control returns in a more tech-savvy version that benefits from the numerous advantages of the PlayStation 5. We particularly appreciated a “Performance” mode that can bring an epic poem to life at 60 fps. This makes exploring the office and the many collisions more pleasant than ever. The included DLCs expand an adventure that has the same qualities and flaws as 2019. If you are new to Jesse Faden’s story, it may be time to catch up with her. For more information on the title, see the full review of the game. Also read: By Matt_Clank, journalist MP

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