PlayStation Store: Our selection of party games to laugh with friends!

PlayStation Store Game News: Our selection of party games to laugh with friends! Posted on Apr 27, 2021 9:43 AM, updated on Apr 27, 2021 9:44 AM Sponsored by PlayStation-DE With the hundreds of experiences available on the PlayStation Store, you can use your PlayStation consoles alone or with friends live from great adventures. Indeed, multiplayer takes a standout place on your favorite machines too, and that’s what we’re going to see in our selection of party games! Enjoy games with up to 90% discount in the PlayStation Store with the Spring Super Sale!

Boiled over 2

€ 12.49 (€ 24.99) – until April 29th From 1 to 4 playersHeat the ovens! In Overcooked 2, your mission is simple: prepare delicious meals in record time. Obviously, when it comes to sharing roles, it becomes difficult. One prepares the vegetables, the other takes care of the cooking … Good coordination is required to complete the dozen of culinary challenges that await you in this experience, already considered a classic of multiplayer games. With two, three or four, Overcooked 2 is a must-have of the genre.

Gang Beasts

9.99 € (up to 19.99 €) – until 29/04 From 1 to 4 players Gang Beast defines the gameplay as “brutal comic” and is a title with small gelatinous characters whose main occupation is combat. Halfway between wrestling and boxing, the main mode allows up to four players to compete in a variety of arenas for quick, fun fights. Indeed, with its somewhat peculiar physical engine, Gang Beasts puts a lot of emphasis on clumsiness and other flaws. Big laugh guaranteed!

Tricky Towers

14.99 € 1 to 4 players Do you like Tetris? Then Tricky Towers should put your brick storage skills to the test! The goal is to build the tallest towers by stacking pieces that are subject to the laws of a tricky physics engine. Lay the wrong foundation and your entire building will crumble and your competition will stay ahead. Add to this various power ups, crazy coins and you have incredibly fun entertainment together!

TowerFall Ascension

13.99 € 1 to 4 players Attention, game of skill! TowerFall Ascension invites you to play as little archers who compete against each other in pixel art-style environments. The goal couldn’t be simpler: to be the last survivor of this grueling battle that requires reactivity, precision and tactical spirit. You have to learn to deal with the lack of arrows, power ups and of course the alliances that can arise between your competitors. Again, TowerFall Ascension guarantees you a lot of laughter, but also good hysteria!


If you’ve ever played prisoner ball you will know the Stikbold principle. In different areas, the goal is to eliminate your opponents by literally knocking them down with a ball. With its exciting gameplay and the ability to tease your little friends once eliminated, having a good evening with your friends is a great experience. For the greedy ones, Stikbold also offers a very nice adventure mode that will prolong the fun!

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