An Oscar for video games!

This is a first in video game history. Yesterday actually won a game … an Oscar. That little feat goes back to the VR episode of Medal of Honor that was released late last year. More precisely, on December 11th, Electronic Arts Respawn and Oculus revived a saga that has more or less fallen into collective oblivion: Medal of Honor. The app, which can only be played in VR, is called Above and Beyond 24-minute short film / documentary accompanied by: Colette.

A poignant documentary

It was therefore Colette who was selected by the Academy of Arts and Sciences of Cinema for the Oscar for “Best Documentary”. Directed by Anthony Giacchino, it tells the true story of Colette Marin-Catherine, a woman in Germany who decides to go to the forced labor camp where her brother Jean-Pierre died during World War II, accompanied by a young student . Sad and difficult, the moving documentary is also full of hope. Good proof that the video game sometimes transcends its simple leisure status. Also Read: By Rob_Bellamy, writing from MPTwitter

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