Watch Dogs Legion Edition Ultimate for PS4 / PS5: -33% discount

Good deal news Watch Dogs Legion Edition Ultimate for PS4 / PS5: -33% discount Posted on 04/26/2021 at 10:29 AM Micromania is currently offering the Ultimate version of the Watch Dogs Legion game with a promotion of -33% off the price below lower the 80 euro mark. A great opportunity to get your hands on this game with the latest in technology.

Lots of Bargain Micromania: Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion is the latest episode in the Watch Dogs saga that highlights the impact of technology and the network on our lives. In a London where surveillance is total, we embody an idealist who will do everything in his power to fix the resistance and face Big Brother. This version is the Ultimate Edition and contains many elements that will help you deepen and enrich your gaming experience! The update on PS5 is available for this game. This edition contains in particular: The Season Pass has the main task “Identity theft” from the start of the game. Dedsec’s car skin and the ability to customize vehicles from the start of the game Game The Urban Jungle Pack and its new heroes: Lynx, Leopard and Viper, as well as their mask and outfit with animal skin. 4 weeks of VIP status so that you and your friends can gain experience and money in the game faster. The London Dissident Pack: Unlock three new masks to lead your resistance in style. the Sapphire Guard Mask; The Cardboard Cyborg Mask and the Distortion Mask Buy the Watch Dogs Ultimate Edition game for € 79.99 instead of € 119.99 from Micromania

What you need to know about Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion, the third installment in Ubisoft’s series, immerses you in ultra-connected and monitored post-Brexit London. You have the option to hack anyone, but also to take possession of them. All deaths are permanent, so it is useful to have the opinions of NPC Kaaraj in your possession. 16/20 Following a linear curve, Watch Dogs Legion is enriched with new gameplay elements that make it the most successful episode of the series. Trilogy on this point. It also shines with its new system that makes it possible to recruit everyone on the fly, of whom we can certainly see the “tricks” after a few hours, but who keeps his promises in terms of gaming fun. It’s brilliantly built and provides constant pleasure to the eyes, not necessarily a more classic scenario, one that is marked by a more common realization and some very predictable script decisions. Some scars from previous opus – physics engine and dated collisions, AI enemies that are still very weird – come here to soften our excitement a bit and show the Legion’s imperfection, but it has enough traits to make the fans convince of the license to dive into it again. For more information on the title, see the full review. Also read: By Matt_Clank, journalist MP

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