From Drakengard 3 to NieR: Everything you need to know about the universe that leads to Nier Replicant

On the occasion of the release of the remake of NieR called NieR Replicant Version 1.22, we offer you a retrospective article about the universe of Yoko Taro. From the first Drakengard (Drag-on Dragoon in Japan) to the NieR, it won’t be easy to tell the story and sum it up. These games are evidence of a dense, complex universe and the fact that certain passages are available through exclusive products in the land of the rising sun complicates our task. However, we will continue to try to briefly explain what happened in the run-up to NieR. Disclaimer As you probably know, the works of Yoko Taro have various purposes. The purpose of this article is to show the correlation of the Drakengard games up to the first NieR while allowing us to leave out certain details to make them more accessible. Because of this, we are not going to mention Drakengard 2, which was not conducted by the teams of the first Drakengard and the NieR. The latter resulted in a different timeline than the one that led to the first NieR.

Drakengard 3 – Prologue

For the record, the Drakengard series takes place in a universe inspired by the Middle Ages and parallel to ours. The action begins in AD 856, the year the disaster strikes, a violent earthquake that rises from the bowels of the earth, an entire city called Cathedral City. This disaster spawns hideous creatures, including dragons, that wreak havoc around the world. For many reasons, people will move to this mysterious city where scholars will discover magic. This galvanizing discovery will be the cause of failed experiments resulting in fatalities and will end in AD 995 with the explosion of the Academy of Magic and the appearance of a giant flower seen by survivors.

Drakengard 3 and Zero’s brother quest

One day, the flower takes control of the corpse of a 16-year-old girl, Zero. Young Zero returns from the dead and is parasitized by an entity dedicated to the destruction of humanity. She then understands that she must get rid of it at all costs, even if it means dying once and for all, but her attempt fails and the flower that feels threatened produces 5 offspring, beings who are capable are to use magic and sing to summon monsters. while the energy of the host is depleted, which is none other than zero. These descendants, who will inherit the name of the summoners, are the sisters of our heroine, named one, two, three, four and five. The latter flee and to correct their mistake, Zero, the girl who is the victim of the flower’s curse, finds a sufficiently powerful dragon, Mikhail, the white dragon, to whom she promises to devour her once her brother quest is completed. otherwise it will come back to life. The latter, which are not real-time bombs, have made it their business to protect the population by killing the autocrats. After some complications, the five sisters, each accompanied by a student, find themselves in different areas of power in which they do their best to improve the daily life of the population and, thanks to the efforts of the conjurers, the chaos of the Got no problem more than a distant memory. While their intentions are commendable, it doesn’t change anything for Zero, who must eliminate them before they go insane, and gradually reduced to nothing by the blooming power of the flower.

Derivation E – The Book of Flowers

Like the titles from Yoko Taro, Drakengard 3, which was released on PlayStation 3 in 2014, is no exception to the rule as it features multiple epilogues. What interests us is the “Derivation E”, which is contained in the novel Drakengard 3 – Story Side. As expected, Flower three, four, and five’s strength withered. Two had taken precautionary measures by asking his student to finish him off. One for her stayed sane to the end by sealing the flower’s magic. She also made sure to make a copy for herself, a twin brother we will refer to as the male one. The sisters have died, but unfortunately the white dragon Mikhail dies before he keeps his promise. Refusing to see his comrades dying in their arms, Zero challenged the power of the flower to restore, creating a new magic known as the “pact”. Zero’s power was shared between her and the dragon; two bodies, one life. Mikhail was raised, but so cursed by the flower. Unfortunately for the young girl, One Masculine used this moment of inattention to kill her with a dragon sword. After one has done his duty, this concludes the story of the six summoners. Some time later, a male will take the place of his deceased sister and establish the cult of the archangels.

Drakengard – the tragedy of Caim

The world is prone to civil war, epidemics, or even monsters wiping out the population. The cult of the archangels is out of date and protecting people is no easy task in the face of growing chaos. The cult has to react and therefore invokes an ancient magic: the magic of the seals. The latter aims to contain and / or suppress magical powers and influences. To do this, a woman should bear the seal and become the goddess. However, one is against this practice, which allows the goddess to suffer until her death, which will lead to her being banished from the cult in 1021. He will meet a woman with whom he will start a family and continue the line of the flower. The archangels are exposed to a highly contagious disease: roach disease, which will soon spread among the population. The descendants of the flower can command the infected, a boon to the cult who will recruit a little girl named Manah, who resembles one like two drops of water, to elevate her to the rank of priestess of the cult and leader of the empire. The cult is so influential that the empire is under its control and its army is made up of infected soldiers. To quench its thirst for power, the empire attacks all kingdoms on its way and describes our protagonist as goddess, Furiae, princess of Caerleon and sister of Caim. Caim is a 24-year-old prince whose motherland was destroyed by The Empire and his parents are killed by a black dragon. Since then, the young man has been plagued by a deep hatred. On a battlefield between Empire soldiers, Caim, while mortally wounded, discovers a red dragon, Angelus, on the verge of death. The two characters are full of bitterness: Caim against dragons and Angelus against humans. Although we are dying, our protagonists decide to make a pact. You are now tied to each other’s life and endowed with phenomenal strength, but Caim will not come out of this decision unscathed by sacrificing his voice for it. The young prince, struck by the silence, will no longer be able to shout his vengeance and his sword will be the mouthpiece of his hatred, but thanks to the pact he can still communicate telepathically with whoever is friend and Comrade becomes poor, the red dragon. Violence will be the key word in Caim’s actions, excessive anger marks him and whoever dares to stand in his way or his blade will perish. Our two protagonists will not be alone on their way to save the world and will be accompanied by: Leonardo, a blind priest who has made a pact with a fairy, Seere, a child and twin brother of Manah, who sees his biological clock stifles a pact with a golem and eventually Arioch, an elf who sacrificed her fertility by making a pact with two ghosts.

End E – The point of no return

In Drakengard, the ending E plays an important role in the continuation of the events that will lead to NieR. Manah’s twin brother Seere does the irreparable by killing his sister to end the reign of the archangel cult. The latter’s death is not without consequence and will spawn grotesque cherubim that devour both the living and a gigantic humanoid creature known as the Queen-Beast or the Monstrous Queen. Caim, accompanied by his red dragon, confronts the giantess and is teleported to our reality in Tokyo, Japan in 2003, where her confrontation and her life will end. So this event is dubbed “the June 12 Incident”. What appears to be a victory is, in fact, just a delusion. Indeed, the actors in this story bring with them a contagious disease: the albino virus or White Chlorification Syndrome, which turns patients into white beings who are later called legionnaires. They attack and kill people at random. Various means are used to seal the disease, such as: B. Nuclear weapons or even the restriction of the defined area. As a result, the situation will only worsen with the appearance of the Scarlet Eye, a person capable of controlling the legionnaires. Thanks to the flawless organization of the Scarlet Eye, these monsters gradually invade the whole world and bring humanity to its extinction. ”

NieR – Project Gestalt & Replicant

Scientists are continuing their research against the disease caused by the June 12 incident, which is occurring worldwide. You will find the source of the contagion, an element called Maso, likely from Queen-Beast, and manage to isolate it without neutralizing it. We are now in the year 2053, the fate of mankind rests on two inseparable projects: Gestalt and Replicant. The idea is to separate the soul from the body so that it can be put back into a body that is identical to the original. We are ipso facto projected thousands of years later; Humanity lives in a rudimentary way, struggling to face the evils of the world in which it inevitably wastes: a strange disease and beings who sow chaos as they slowly but surely approach the last walls of humanity. This is how the NieR Replicant / Gestalt story begins. This is the story behind NieR Replicant and Gestalt. We hope that by reading this article you have a better understanding of the context of NieR Replicant Ver.1.22 as well as the bloody and morbid universe of NieR Replicant Yoko Taro. As a reminder, the remake of NieR Replicant offers you to play Yonah’s brother, if not the father. 1.22 on PS4 Pre-order NieR Replicant Ver. 1.22 on Xbox

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