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In the early 2010s, many ego puzzle games followed the genre champion Portal 2. Titles such as QUBE and Quantum Conundrum see the light of day and bring their stone into the building with their own concept. Even today, it is not uncommon for similar adventures to be unloaded, evidence that this approach to the puzzle still has much to offer. Today we’re talking about Relicta, which just launched on Nintendo Switch. An update for the PC, PS4, One and Switch versions: If Relicta was just released on Switch, it has been almost nine months since the title Mighty Polygon was available on PC, PS4 and One. Obviously, the whole thing on the Nintendo console is less pleasing to the eye, as there are a lot of aliasing and fuzzy textures for the most part. Not a big deal for a puzzle game. As a result, we did not encounter any particular problems on PC and PS4. And everything is perfectly playable on Switch, nomadic and docked. Relicta: Left the PC version, right the Switch version If we wanted to make a very dubious play on words, we could say that Relicta has a magnetic spell. Because all the puzzles in the title are based on a logic of the magnet. The character embodied by the player, Doctor Patel, is indeed equipped with a handy pair of gloves that give various objects a positive (red symbolized) or negative (blue symbolized) attraction, but can also make them insensitive to gravity. Practice, especially as the lady has to go through a whole series of trials in an abandoned lunar base to unlock the secrets of the anomaly that gave the game its name. A sacred program. Recommended configurations Besides, the plot and the dialogues in Relicta take an important place. After each puzzle, a little discussion will flow into the scenario, which is pretty anecdotal for now. Mighty Polygon tries to set up an intrigue around an overpowering source of energy and the private interests of several people, but without successfully captivating. This is due to poorly dosed writing, the pace of which is determined by the progress of the players who face the puzzles that are sometimes very full-bodied. Basically, it’s not easy to pick up the thread after you’ve spent 10 to 20 minutes racking your brain. Also note the presence of a log book to consult various sources of information hidden in the room base between the individual levels. But not enough to renew interest and give Relicta a more ordinary patina, as well as its artistic direction. Relicta – We solve a puzzle in the middle of the trees (gameplay)

Puzzle star

We can therefore say, without getting too wet, that the big star of the title Mighty Polygon are its puzzles, which of course are not limited to having fun with gravity and physics. Each puzzle therefore consists of reaching and then opening a final portal, which is often powered by a switch. This is where the dice come in, which are sensitive to the strength of your gloves. With this history of positive and negative attraction, it is actually possible to attract two of these cubes at a distance and move them away from catching / clearing one out of reach). And it’s even more fun with the anti-gravity feature, which allows an object to continue its journey in a vacuum when a magnetic force is applied to it. From there, the possibilities are more or less endless, and Relicta knows how to put them to good use. Despite a slow and slow progress, burdened by an almost too great abundance of puzzles (it will take about fifteen hours to complete the adventure), Mighty Polygon enriches its puzzles significantly based on the progress, with new elements appearing, like z as platforms that can be subjected to a positive or negative force – which paves the way for improvised elevators made with cubes – portals that the player can cross without their objects, and vice versa, teleportation, etc. etc. The whole thing rather accompanied by different levels (and sometimes pretty pretty) and a scenario that, despite everything that can be said about it, tries things out and increases in power. In short, puzzle game fans will still have a lot to do with the title Mighty Polygon.

Good luck

With good and bad points, you still have to know what to expect before falling in love with Relicta. Additionally, when we talk about fans of the genre, you know that the title lacks a help system and that you will have to rely on your ingenuity to discover the intricacies of the game mechanics. Very rewarding, this choice does the opposite sometimes and is quite frustrating when you feel like you’ve skimmed all possible and imaginable solutions. Most importantly, Relicta’s progression is very linear and it is impossible to put one puzzle aside in favor of another, as in The Witness or The Talos Principle. A point that helps give the title a rather bitter aftertaste that can be both good and not so good. But it’s still worth it. Notes + Positive Points Successful puzzles that refresh well A good lifespan for the genre (15h) Pretty nice, especially on consoles and PC. An effort in the narrative to welcome negative points. No System d ‘Help despite a linear course Artistic direction quite indefinite Wrongly dosed writing When tearing between good and bad points, we have the feeling that Relicta could have been even better than what it already is. The sometimes awkward narrative, burdened by the very linear structure of the adventure, the pace of which is determined by the player’s progression, pulls the title down in particular, as does the fairly common artistic direction. That being said, the physics and magnetism based puzzles are a real hit, with new subtleties that are put to good use over time, as well as new obstacles that refresh the whole thing. Not a program help system, so you need to be prepared to become frustrated with some puzzles, especially the more complex ones. In short, if you’re not cold-eyed and looking for a well-designed puzzle game with a good lifespan, go for it. Journaliste April 24, 2021 at 3:00 pm Read the reader reviews (1) Read reader reviews Share your thoughts on this game!

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