NieR Replicant Version 1.22: What is the prequel for NieR Automata worth? – video test

Welcome to the video test of Replicant 1.22, the new remake of the NieR saga. Let’s see what it’s worth?


The action takes place thousands of years after our era. We are in a post-apocalyptic future in which technology has lost all rights. Here mankind has returned to a time close to the Middle Ages. You play as a young teenager, Nier, who lives with his little sister, Yonah. She has an incurable disease and your goal is to find a cure. Terrible shadows will stand in your way in your search. Nier Replicant puts us in a dark and poignant story … Death is everywhere in this action RPG Cherry on the Cake, the remake contains the DLC of the original game, the free ships, new side quests. It also comes with a new playable character, but that’s a surprise we’re going to let you discover!


Make space for graphics! As you can see, this new version of the original game is great. From texture to light, the spooky world of NieR has never been so comfortable to navigate! The ruins of an extinct civilization are in desolate villages and green plains. Which accentuates our sense of loneliness in this oppressive universe. The remake offers magnificent sets that are enriched by the mastery of a play of light and a level of detail that is convincing without being extraordinary. The characters are not only pleasing to the eye, but also more expressive and charismatic than before.


Gameplay level, the combat system is much more nervous. The animations are fine-tuned, the camera positions are better managed, and elegant special effects help you feel the effects of every shot. The range of shots is more diverse than in the original, the parrying system is more spectacular and we even notice the addition of a new evasion. Every device, from heavy weapons to light weapons, has its own set of capabilities. You can improve them by visiting a blacksmith with materials you found around the world. Well, we told you about weapons, but we also know that the game provides you with spells! They are unlocked during the game. Between the spears coming out of the ground and the shots of projectiles, so much to say that there is something to be done.


Regarding the soundtrack, we are delighted to find the emblematic pieces orchestrated for the occasion by Keiichi Okabe, as well as new compositions that will delight your ears. You can choose to sync in Japanese or English. In other words, whatever language you choose, you can only enjoy the game. The return of NieR Replicant is a real success! Artistically captivating and pleasant to hold, the title Square Enix has nothing to envy of its predecessor and will delight both first-time fans and newbies. Granted, NieR Replicant 1.22 has flaws, including a sometimes moody camera. This in no way removes its well-deserved place among the nuggets of action RPG. For all of these reasons we give a score of 17/20. From C1R14, writing from MP

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