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Core news about the game: software for game creation makes its revolution Published on 04/24/2021 at 5:02 pm, updated on 04/24/2021 at 5:05 pm According to software from Clickteam, Team Dakota or again from Media Molecule, which again promises from Manticore Games give us the joy of creating video games without having to master any programming language. Officially available for a week early start, Core is beginning an operation to seduce the public by reminding of the ease of use of its multiverse of games, the power of its tools, and the robustness of its economic model that allows users to make money. Silver. Frédéric Descamps and Jordan Maynard, the brains behind the project, explain how Core can usher in a new era for the production of fun and connected experiences.

Once again

Jordan Maynard (left) and Frédéric Descamps (right), co-founders of Manticore Games. Notice. Almost a year ago we introduced you to Core, free software that allows gamers to create creators and play. Since then, the platform has evolved and is different from some heroics. The first is Epic’s $ 15 million investment to help build a “global community of creators.” The second is to organize a competition where the various winners were offered prizes of $ 120,000 (including $ 50,000 for the overall winner). A rare jackpot in the universe that proves the Manticore Games teams know we don’t catch aspiring developers with vinegar chips. As with Roblox, but unlike Dreams, paying designers is part of Core’s philosophy. Whether it’s direct donations, accepted subscriptions, or paid microtransactions, there are several different systems that players can use to support a project they enjoy. 50% of the income generated is shared with the platform. It might sound like a lot, but this number is more to the creator’s advantage over what is done with Roblox (which only redistributes 24.5% of sales). “Core is not just a platform for creativity, Core is not just a platform for a new generation of developers, but also a platform that offers economic opportunities and on which people can earn money,” says Frédéric Descamps, CEO and co-founder of Manticore games. He adds, “Creators can build careers and businesses there while gamers have an endless multiverse of games.” Before they even think about paying for a trip to the Bahamas using the recipes of a cooking paper posted on the platform, though this has yet to be designed. Core takes the basics of the Unreal Engine and offers powerful tools, this time designed for beginners. Terrain with different topography can be created with just a few clicks, while materials are created using drag and drop. As with Dreams, users can share designs that they have created for everyone to enjoy. The easily accessible bookstores offer music, sounds, but also various and varied graphic elements to beautify worlds that can be connected to one another via portals. “Unlike traditional games, you don’t need special software to create something with Core, like Maya, Photoshop or Substance,” says Jordan Maynard, co-founder of Manticore Games. “The portal system is as easy to manage as adding a link to a website. It can result in a randomly chosen game or be chosen by the creator. “A game that takes place over several levels / chapters is therefore quite possible. As in Dreams, the fact that the items are crafted directly from the in-game tools makes the adventures load quickly. This is handy for highlighting the portal system. “You can spend your whole day on Twitch and YouTube watching cars or cooking videos. We strive for the same thing with Core: endless entertainment, ”concludes Frédéric.

Code of Conduct

In order to find inspiration, the creative player is invited to stroll through the core world, a kind of central hub that one can visit to get from project to project thanks to the famous portals. The user will also be prompted to create their avatar using customization options. If you don’t want to waste too much time on this step, you can have the machine generate a protagonist at random. There are various paid cosmetic packages available, while some items are unlocked depending on the player level. It is unfortunate at the moment that it is not really possible to personalize an avatar too precisely. We hope that in the future more parameters will be proposed that will make it possible to control the color of the eyes, the length of the nose or even the hairiness of the heroes of our games. “We have all genres on our platform, we have RPGs, action games, MMOs, FPS, single player, multiplayer, arcade games and games with deeper gameplay,” explains Frédéric. As of this writing, there are more than 20,000 games available on Core, including narrative titles designed for a single player. Unlike the software videos, Core isn’t just a giant map editor designed just to make TPS or FPS. “When we started developing Core, we really focused on multiplayer and netcode because that’s the hardest part,” explains Frédéric Descamps. That’s why, unlike Project Spark or Dreams, Core has a shovel of playable titles online. “If you’re like me and don’t like code, you’re fine here. User-generated content,” says Frédéric. The Manticore Games platform actually advocates “no-code, low-code”. This means that experiences can be created simply by dragging and dropping, setting some options (gravity, projectile damage, weapon placement, etc.) and adding a little coded if necessary. Low-code should not be seen here as a negation of the original promise, but as an opportunity for professionals to further develop the platform. In this way, some systems that are not yet integrated with Core may have been developed by clever hackers, such as: B. a function to move around a map and then get into a vehicle to drive it. “Core is aimed at both beginners and experienced designers. We must remember that game development is usually very difficult. We have met designers who avoid certain game genres because they think it is technically too complicated, ”testify the members of the studio. After working at Electronic Arts or Zynga, imagine that the two founders of Manticore Games had time to identify the many problems associated with prototyping, iterating and releasing video games. “I think the big studios should pay attention to that. Because we’ve seen so many games fail on a budget of hundreds of millions of dollars. We could blame entertainment in general for having movies, books, and music albums that fail. But making a game is so expensive, it takes so many people, it is so slow to repeat … “stresses Frédéric.” We’ve lowered the entry barrier significantly so everyone can play games. Regardless of whether you are a 14-year-old girl in Leipzig or a 60-year-old Italian pensioner, you have access to creativity, ”laughs Frédéric. When Core ease of use needs to be proven, there are many examples that studio managers need to cite. The winner of a previous game jam would never have used Core, and many teenagers would have made themselves known through various titles. “We’re seeing more and more students choosing Core instead of Unity because it’s a lot easier and also saves money,” Frédéric adds. The games we tested are, in fact, of different genres. We find original creations as well as titles inspired by professionals such as Sir Pepe and the Goblins, a kind of Ghouls’n Ghost in 2.5D or Infinity Arena, similar to a Halo in multiplayer mode. The apps are classified using various filters in the “Play” section of Core. It is not impossible that we will come back to this in the near future. With its many games currently available, developed by its community, Core wants to prove that designing video games has never been easier. By increasing the number of contests and partnerships, such as recently with American McGee, the platform continues its seduction drive for communities. If you like the offer, Core is available for free from the Epic Games Store. It needs to be connected to the internet for it to work. By Carnbee, journalist MP

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