It takes two – Josef Fares’ game is a real hit

News game It Takes Two – The game by Josef Fares is a great success. Posted on 04/23/2021 at 6:12 PM On March 26th, Electronic Arts and Hazelight offered players to discover It Takes Two, a video game creation that enables live play, a great adventure full of mini-games of all kinds with a partner. An amazing recipe that has charmed both the press and gamers. It Takes Two, the latest production by Josef Fares, is a real hit indeed. In less than a month, the title has simply managed to sell over a million copies worldwide. Obviously Hazelight and Josef Fares used the good news to thank the players. Thank you everyone and I hope we see more games like this one. Https:// – Josef Fares (@josef_fares) April 23, 2021 Wow !!! We just discovered that It Takes Two has sold over a million copies and is still booming! Thank you for all the love you showed our game. Hazelight This shows that there are gamers out there who just want to play co-op games! Thank you everyone and I hope we will see more games like this one. Josef Fares As a reminder, It Takes Two also seduced us as we gave it a score of 18/20. You might also like: By JeromeJoffard, editor at MPTwitter

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