PlayStation: Virtual Reality is a “Strategic Opportunity” According to Jim Ryan

PlayStation Hardware News: Virtual reality is a “strategic opportunity,” according to Jim Ryan. Posted on 04/23/2021 at 2:26 pm Jim Ryan recently spoke to the Nikkei media and made some statements about the upcoming PlayStation virtual reality system. In January 2020, Sony’s PSVR passed 5 million units sold. And since the introduction of the PlayStation 5, the Japanese company has finally felt ready to formalize its “new generation” VR system planned for its machine. Hideaki Nishino, vice president of platform planning and management, unveiled the anticipated headset last February, saying, “You will enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience that will benefit from” tremendous advances in performance and interactivity. The sense of presence will be even stronger for gamers who, once equipped with their headphones, are more immersed than ever in the worlds of their favorite games. “In a new interview with Nikkei earlier this week, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, described virtual reality as a ‘strategic opportunity’ for PlayStation and spoke about the company’s ambitions for PSVR 2. The next generation of VR systems is a very strategic opportunity for PlayStation. We started PSVR in 2016 and have had years of time to understand the VR experience. What I learned from VR is that the potential market is huge. I want to continue to offer a top notch gaming experience to to entertain the community.

What improvements for the PSVR 2?

Sony said in February that the headset should “improve everything” from resolution to field of view to position tracking and control. Also note that the connection to the console is made using a single cable. And then buyers can also count on a new spherical design controller that incorporates features inherited from the Dualsense: adaptive triggers that “add tangible tension when the player presses it,” haptic feedback that is “optimized for every sensation” The game is more effective, structured and nuanced, “but also the detection of finger contact and the tracking of the controller by the headset, which is carried out via a” tracking ring “at the bottom of the controller. Ergonomics is at the heart of the process: you will found that the controller is well balanced and comfortable to hold in either hand. We have applied the results of our tests to users with different hand sizes, as well as our knowledge from decades of developing controllers for all PlayStation platforms. The result is an iconic design that radically changed the approach to VR games r left controller an analog joystick, triangle and square buttons, a “Hold” button (L1), a button trigger (L2) and the create button; The right joystick contains an analog joystick, the cross and round buttons, a “handle” button (R1), a release button (R2) and the option button. However, development of our new system VR is still a long way off and it will therefore not be released in 2021, “he said. Developers should get prototypes of the new controller soon, however. Source: VGC About the PlayStation 5 From Tiraxa, writing from MP

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