Genshin Impact, all about the “Sérénithéière”, the enclosure / enclosure system that comes with version 1.5

Genshin Impact Tip News, learn everything about the “Sérénithéière”, the enclosure / enclosure system that comes with version 1.5. Posted on 04/22/2021 at 6:32 PM You will soon be able to have your own living space in Genshin, and that without paying any additional taxes! Let’s see what will be available in Patch 1.5 on this page, but also what will happen afterwards … Just a few days before the 1.5 update on Genshin Impact! One of the flagship announcements, of course, was the arrival of housing, also known as the housing system in our language. You can build your own house, build furniture and place it as you see fit. The players had a lot of questions, and that’s a good thing because MiHoYo has the answers. Let’s see what has been communicated so far on their official website. The conditions for obtaining it are quite simple: you need to complete the quest The Teapot of Your Dreams to get a new device: The Serenitheater. This quest is available to players of Adventure Level 35 and above who have also completed the Archon Chapter 1 – Act 3 quest “An Approaching Star”. You can then use it to enter or exit the Serenitheap.

The inner kingdom

When you first go to the Serenithea, you have a choice of 3 different zones for your Inner Realm. Floating location that resembles a cloudy area in the air. Emerald Peak, a very tall Cool Isle, a collection of small islands surrounded by water. Your area has a level of confidence that decorations increase. This way you can unlock other areas in your kingdom, but also the other two areas.

The decorations

Having a house is good, but being able to decorate it is even better! And that is exactly what will be possible with the game’s decoration system. There are several ways to get this: some will be tied to the trust system of your kingdom, others will depend on the goals to be achieved with the mystical scroll, but also in exchange with the spirit of the teapot in the bazaar of the kingdom or with the wandering spirit. Note that at this moment you can collect 2 decorations by attending the web event on the Genshin Impact official website: here is our event guide, so as not to miss them, all you have to do to make them is the spirit of the teapot see. You will have to cut trees, collect ores and plants to make fabrics and dyes and obtain the necessary materials.

The coins of the kingdom

If you talk to the spirit of the teapot, you can exchange a currency called Kingdom Coins for items that might interest you. You can only have a certain number of Kingdom Coins with you. So be sure to spend them so you don’t get any in a vacuum.

The Kingdom Bazaar

Speaking to the spirit of the teapot will also give you access to the Kingdom’s Bazaar. You can exchange your Kingdom Coins for items, decorations, and decoration plans. The more your self-confidence increases, the more products the bazaar offers you.

Mystical energy

It increases when you place decorations. By improving your level and confidence, you can generate more coins in the kingdom and increase the limit of coins that you can have. We will of course come back to the system in more detail with tips and tricks. Adjustment afterwards! Also Read: Genshin Impact: Our Complete Guide to Tridash, written by MP

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