Farming Simulator 22 is revealed! A release planned for PS5 and Xbox Series

News Farming Simulator 22 Game Revealed! A release planned for PS5 and Xbox series Posted on 04/23/2021 at 6:53 p.m. In just a few months, gamers will be able to bring out their favorite farming machines thanks to the arrival of a brand new opus for the Farming Simulator saga! Yes, season 22 just got official. So, by the end of the year, budding farmers can enjoy Farming Simulator 22, a brand new work that will come with various new improvements and features and will be available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4., Xbox One, Mac and Google Stadia will be available. Developed and self-published by GIANTS Software, Farming Simulator 22 allows players to work as a team of up to 8 players on consoles and up to 16 players on PC and Mac and Google Stadia while viewing new crops, new vehicles and new brands (400 machines and tools for 100 agricultural brands) and of course use new cards. Also note that the title adds seasonal cycles, which means players will have to deal with snow during winter. For example, to save your crops it is necessary to clear your land. We are making more progress in each of our games. Our next title will mark a turning point in the history of the series and our company. We developed with the aim of publishing ourselves and thus having full control over our products. Christian Ammann, CEO of GIANTS Software Finally, we learn that the GIANTS Engine 9 graphics engine is being optimized and that artificial intelligence has a more natural behavior. The game will benefit from better performance thanks to DirectX 12 under Windows, but also on all platforms. With real-time texture display, multithreading optimization, occlusion culling, temporary anti-aliasing and many other optimizations. The next farming simulator will benefit from an increase in performance on all systems and thus lay the foundation for the installation of complex customization mods in order to enjoy a lot of content. GIANTS Software By JeromeJoffard, writing from MPTwitter

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