-50% off Watch Dogs Legion Gold Edition for PS4

Good Deal News -50% on Watch Dogs Legion in Gold Edition on PS4 Posted on 23/04/2021 at 16:50 The Gold Edition of the PS4 Watch Dogs game is currently available at -50% on Fnac. A good opportunity to get your hands on the edition with the season pass and many other bonuses that will deepen your gaming experience.

Good business at Fnac: the Gold Edition from Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs is a game related to our time. Hyper-connection and hacking are the keywords of this fiction, which takes place in a London in the middle of post-Brexit. At a time when personal data is just as valuable as the data on the back of a safe, hackers appear as a threat and an opportunity, to the point where it is even possible to take control of a person. Watch Dogs Legion is therefore part of this logic and develops a rich universe that is revealed even more with the gold version of the title. The latter includes: Two brand new storyline expansions: meet old friends and meet new heroes in an exciting campaign. Play as four unique new playable heroes in Watch Dogs: Legion with new skills and 3 additional Dedsec missions to expand your experience in Watch Dogs: Legion. Get the Dedsec car body and customize your vehicles at start. The original Watch_Dogs Complete Edition game available at launch. This edition of the game includes the Season Pass, access to a new game mode, weapons, outfits and missions, as well as the opportunity to take on the role of T-Bone, the legendary hacker in a brand new campaign! Buy Watch Dogs Legion The Gold Edition costs € 49.99 instead of € 99.99 for PS4 at Fnac

What you should know about Watch Dogs Legion

Kaaraj’s opinion 16/20 Following a linear curve, Watch Dogs Legion is enriched with new gameplay elements that make it the most successful episode of the trilogy on this point. It also shines with its new system that makes it possible to recruit everyone on the fly, of whom we can certainly see the “tricks” after a few hours, but who keeps his promises in terms of gaming fun. It’s brilliantly built and provides constant pleasure to the eyes, not necessarily a more classic scenario, one that is marked by a more common realization and some very predictable script decisions. Some scars from previous opus – physics engine and dated collisions, AI enemies that are still very weird – come here to soften our excitement a bit and show the Legion’s imperfection, but it has enough traits to make the fans convince of the license to dive into it again. To learn more about this title, you can refer to the full review of the game. Also read: By Matt_Clank, journalist MP

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