The Super Smash Bros. Dark Samus Amiibo figure falls under € 10

Good news Amiibo Samus Sombre Super Smash Bros number drops below € 10 Released 04/22/2021 at 3:12 PM Collectors will be pleased to learn that the Amiibo Samus Sombre has fallen 33% at Auchan. For decoration or to play on Super Smash Bros, the amiibos have invaded all houses! These small, detailed figures represent all of Nintendo lore, including Mario, Pokémon, and even Metroid. Nintendo came up with the good idea of ​​offering these numbers at very attractive prices! When the amiibo wave is over, fans of the brand will find what they are looking for in this range. Auchan is reducing the price of the Dark Samus version to under € 10. It’s time to have some fun without breaking the bank. Buy Samus Sombre for € 9.99 instead of € 14.99. Also read: By jameson30, journalist MP

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