PS5: The video creation is being revised!

PS5 Hardware News: Video Creation Is Overhauled! Posted on Apr 21, 2021 at 7:04 PM The Share Factory Studio feature that appeared on PS4 in 2014 will allow gamers to edit and share their video recordings. The set is available for PS5 and is being updated to offer new options and more flexibility. The update of Share Factory Studio, available from today, brings a great novelty with it, namely an increase in the number of clips that can be incorporated into the editing on the various tracks. The improvement is shown in detail as follows: The number of clips from track 1 goes from 50 to 100 The number of transitions from track 1 goes from 49 to 99 The number of music tracks goes from 12 to 24 The number of clips from track 2 from 10 out of 20 It’s been seven years since we introduced Share Factory on PS4 in April 2014, and we’re thrilled with the support and excitement the PlayStation community has for this feature. We got the idea of ​​creating Share Factory when we learned that the PS4 would have video recording capabilities and that the DualShock 4 would come with an innovative SHARE button, an industry first. With the update, gamers can now create videos at 4K 60 fps, with the understanding that HDR is also supported. Sony states that this is possible through the high-quality Creator Packs, which contain elements for clips, but also for music titles, transitions, sound effects and stickers. More generally, the experience at the interface level is shown to be improved with the following changes: A completely new look and feel for Track 2 with background image as well as support for layouts and frames. Screenshots in HDR Improved display of tracks with Track 1 and Track 2: You can now see icons that indicate whether your clip is in HD, 4K and / or HDR. Better management of clips and recordings Screen and media gallery integration so you can sort your videos and screenshots by favorites. We hope you enjoy the new updates that share Factory Studio on PS5 and we can’t wait to see more memorable gameplay games made by the community. Have fun ! By MalloDelic, journalist MP

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