Dark Souls: He beats a boss with a piano without eyes

Dark Souls is a role-playing game from the From Software studio that is known for its high standards and difficulty. You have to guide your character through labyrinthine levels full of traps and enemies and defeat great bosses. Dark Souls is not insurmountable, far from it. If you take the time to learn from your mistakes, analyze enemies, and carry out the right attacks at the right time, victory is assured. And yet, if you thought you were good at it, you’ll be amazed at the performance of the streamer FryderykG.

At the control? Phew, too easy

A rock band guitar, a steering wheel, or even voice commands – the Dark Souls challenge was mastered in many ways. Here we are interested in a piano, but not only. FryderykG rubbed his shoulders with Knight Artorias with his favorite instrument, avoiding even a single hit. The challenge is already daring. But this one added a big caveat: blindfolds, exactly that. The challenge was mastered and FryderykG announced it on Twitter with some joy. Of course, the feat did not happen in a day and he shared his multiple mistakes with pleasure. So who’s next? CHECK ALL DAILY JVCOM REVIEWS By Tanabata, MP Editor of

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