Call of Duty Warzone: Season 3 has opened!

Game News Call of Duty Warzone: Season 3 Is Open! Posted on Apr 22, 2021, 9:15 pm, updated on Apr 22, 2021, 9:15 pm Towards the end of the second Warzone season, Activision’s Battle Royale is full of content. After a nuclear strike hits Verdansk to eradicate the zombie threat, players and the Warzone map are transported until 1984. A great way for development teams to tweak the playing field both cosmetically and in terms of level design. To make this transition easier, players will compete against each other on a new version of Rebirth Island that takes place at night. Competitors can even see the explosion that just happened in the distance. Lucky players can even set off this blast themselves by gaining access to the Command Center, a new area on this map. Via an infiltration sequence, players are introduced to Verdansk 84, the new version of the BR map. This interpretation brings seven new locations into the play area, while five existing zones are being redesigned for the occasion. In addition, the menu changes seasons and moves into spring, enough to change the atmosphere and better enjoy the warmer tones of the decorations. Verdansk 84Summit has been renovated and for the first time since its appearance, the cable cars will be in operation, offering new perspectives of confrontation. The airport has not yet been destroyed and many sniper locations have been added to the area thanks to an intact upper floor. The old mine in the northwest of the map fills an area that was a bit empty of Verdansk until then. Steeper and loaded with new buildings, this area offers new coverage that makes rotations easier. Aircraft hangars are given the same treatment and these transition rooms become much more prone to conflict. The stadium that has always been the heart of the city. Lots of clashes and a booty nest is under construction here. The players in the stands therefore have a clear view of the inside of the stadium, as beams lie on the floor to serve as cover. The quarry is turning into a salt mine and the previously closed buildings are now open. Warmer it also raises the ground level, making this open-air tomb a little less threatening for players looking to loot. Overall, several areas were adapted, ventilated or decorated to give a kick à la carte. Verdansk should therefore be more readable, and Operator Wraith comes to the Battle Pass. It has two skins, one unlocked immediately and the other at level 100. Two new weapons are integrated: the Swiss K sniper rifle and the PPSH submachine gun. The MP5 and the FFAR 1 each receive a blueprint. Enough to further specialize his preferred weapon. All of this is obviously accompanied by skins and other items that are inextricably linked to the Battle Pass. By Aubin_Gregoire, journalist MP

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